xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - animalviews1.avi by samuelhayward


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June 15th 2011
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"It's inspired by creature comforts"

There are 24 comments about this creation.

Ellie M   (Aardman Staff) Jun 17th 2011 9:57am

Excellent! Well done Samuelhayward :) any more planned?

pauloprado Jun 17th 2011 10:58pm

very cool Sam

gromitsbuddyinginventor Jun 18th 2011 9:56am

that's really good!

chicken lickin Jun 18th 2011 4:13pm

thats way more than good, its amazing its just like creature comforts and i love creature comforst!!!!!!!!

Sniggles Jun 18th 2011 4:56pm

very nice!

samuelhayward Jun 24th 2011 2:09am

Yes, I did create this animation and incase anyone is wondering, the snap shot of the
girraffe is from this animation aswell. So don't worry if you are thinking someone has copied me or I have copied them!

TheStopmoCo Jun 30th 2011 1:13pm

Wow this is really great!:D

Abbi1234 Jul 3rd 2011 3:01pm


iantimothy Jul 3rd 2011 3:18pm

I really like the giraffe, just make sure the audio is mixed so you can hear it next time.

samuelhayward Jul 5th 2011 8:55am

Yes the sound level on the giraffe was a problem but the reason it is so quiet is because we recorded the voise over on the phone!

animator365 Jul 5th 2011 2:31pm


iantimothy Jul 6th 2011 8:32am

What do you use to edit? most softwares have some audio mixing capability.

samuelhayward Jul 7th 2011 5:52am

I use video pad video editor. (answer to iantimothy's question)

VincentAnimations01 Jul 9th 2011 7:43am

Great Job!

samuelhayward Jul 18th 2011 2:03am

If you click on this video, it should take you to you tube where you can see a sneak peak into the making of animal views!!
Also, there will be another animation coming out soon (created by me). But you will just have to wait and see what it is, because Iv'e only just started animating. I should think it will be out at Christmas!!!!

roxy1622 Jul 25th 2011 6:52am

The programe is funny and fun:D

Groeneg Aug 4th 2011 4:00am

Wow you have a real talent for it! Loved the smoothness of your lip syncing!:)

Roosterlee Aug 13th 2011 2:36pm

Very cool!! Very talented. Looks like the real ones from Creature comforts!

deards95 Oct 17th 2011 11:01am

love it

Gromit5429 May 4th 2012 9:50pm

Here are my words WOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! 
That was Wonderful Please you must make more.


Estrella17 May 21st 2012 10:26am

WOW!! Amazing job, samuelhayward!!  Your animation is so natural and professional!! Absolutely champion!!! You obviously have a grand future in animation!!

snapjay Aug 14th 2012 6:36am

great stuff dudewhat plesticine do u use

snapjay Aug 16th 2012 9:57am

i'v just downloaded videopad it's great
try monkeyjam it's free

Morph Master Jan 12th 2013 11:19am

well done it's fantastic are the models made of newplast?

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