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July 31st 2011
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"Wallace and Gromit visit the chocolate factory, but Feathers McGraw had followed them there, hoping to stir up some trouble! Luckily, the candycane saves the day..."

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Aug 1st 2011 10:14am

Wow, I love all the colourful sweets and chocolate you've drawn! Excellent! :)

shortcake123 Aug 1st 2011 10:23am

love the picture, wish i was there! :)

evastar7 Aug 1st 2011 10:27am

yummmm lovely picture making my tummy rumble.|-)

fluffles the poodle Aug 1st 2011 1:13pm

love how feathers mcgraw is being pulled away by a candy cane:)

nafisrocks Aug 1st 2011 1:21pm

That looks VERY yummy! There's so many candies, i dont even know which one to look at!!:D

masha72981 Aug 3rd 2011 7:19am

Nice drawing! :D When does the competition close?

Gromit6212 Aug 3rd 2011 4:21pm

Great drawing, with very neat colouring! :)

kld loves wallace for eva Aug 5th 2011 12:39pm

masha72981 apparentley they announced it yesterday LOOK http://wallaceandgromit.com/forum/read/48208/1/

chicken lickin Aug 7th 2011 4:42am

well done on coming a runner up, i'm not surprised it's such a good drawing!!!:)

heth77 Aug 8th 2011 5:00pm

You are a very talented artist

aniquatultul Aug 8th 2011 6:04pm

Thanks! I could have done better, but I actually drew it and colored it in the car...|-)

Zoefish Aug 9th 2011 10:10pm


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