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August 8th 2011
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"my drawing of gromit and bunnies from the curse of the were rabbit"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Aug 8th 2011 5:49am

Wow Bubbles14, what a great drawing! I especially like the bunnies :)

chicken lickin Aug 8th 2011 8:52am

what a neat drawing, this must be a drawing your proud of?|-)

bubbles14 Aug 9th 2011 4:02am

yes thankyou but i think i could have made the bunnies a bit bigger :\

chicken lickin Aug 10th 2011 7:05am

i think the bunnies are fine, the only thing i would improve is that you use the same colours just make them a bit stronger cause they don't show up as well on the pc as they do on the real thing;)

bubbles14 Aug 10th 2011 7:34am

Thanks ill try that next time :)

chicken lickin Aug 10th 2011 7:52am

your welcome|-)

edmond Aug 10th 2011 8:06am

very cool picture I love the bunnies LOL

bubbles14 Aug 11th 2011 5:04am

thankyou edmond |-)

i love wallce and gromit Aug 14th 2011 1:52pm

this is amazing! the bunnies are sooooooooo cute.

bubbles14 Aug 15th 2011 3:37am


Gromit6212 Aug 27th 2011 3:51pm

Brilliant! :)

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