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March 7th 2008
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"Yippy i finaly made it, lol, it is a short thing but it took me 2 months to make. it is my first lip syn movie hope you like it"

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Modelmaker93 Mar 7th 2008 5:50pm

yippy i made it please leave comment i hope i win it would be so good to win

J-Snake Mar 7th 2008 7:34pm

thats GREAT Modelmaker!!! the lip sinc is really good!

conty Mar 8th 2008 3:21am

WELL DONE!!!!! i think its great, you can see that you have taken alot of time on it, keep it up:)

Mark the shark Mar 8th 2008 5:22am

Excellent! Absoutleey fantastic! The lip-sync is syncronised perfectly! I was laughing at the start because it reminded me of Mr. Bean's Holiday. Because it kept saying Tom and in Mr. Bean it goes like:

Carson Clay, in a Carson Clay production, of a Carson Clay film, etc.!;)

purple and brown Mar 8th 2008 5:29am


Mark the shark Mar 8th 2008 5:57am

Hi P&B! It's excellent, don't you think.;)

purple and brown Mar 8th 2008 6:03am


Harry Mar 8th 2008 6:37am

This Is Fantastic, You Have Just Got Better And Better At Animation And Modelmaking, I Think It Could Be Abit Longer At The Actual Pick Nick, Well So What Its Great!:D

Modelmaker93 Mar 8th 2008 10:18am

Wow thanks everyone yippy, really thanks everyone for your comments

gromitlove Mar 8th 2008 10:41am

Wonderful sets, had to stop the film many times to admire!

Modelmaker93 Mar 8th 2008 11:59am

THANKS it took me ages to make the sets and the props

cavor Mar 8th 2008 1:51pm

Absolutely superb lad, keep the good work up;)

Modelmaker93 Mar 8th 2008 3:38pm

thanks cavour

xxzoxx Mar 8th 2008 5:24pm

it is relly good

frangipanilover Mar 8th 2008 9:14pm

Well, done, modelmaker! Try to make the intro a bit shorter and the scene at the picnic longer, but other than that it was great! Keep it up! :-(|)

Modelmaker93 Mar 9th 2008 5:26am

thanks my next animations are going to be way longer

curt t1 Mar 15th 2008 9:53am

brill brill brill! the lip sink was good and the voice acting was great!

curt t1 Mar 24th 2008 8:33am

the sets are great to!

Borris & Kromit Mar 25th 2008 6:32am

what software did u use for the animation? is it free. brilliant sets mate, models were fantastic and the lip sync, that was great kepp up the great work:D

Modelmaker93 Mar 28th 2008 1:53pm

Thnaks for you comments everyone sorry i have been ofline for a while making parts for my films and doing revision for my sats for y10. I use Monkeyjam for the animation process and yes it is free, and for the editing i use Windows movie maker but mostly ulead 11. For the sets i use carboard boxes and then cut them into a shape then print off wallpaper and go on from there.for the props they are made from wood mostly but other props i use fimo then bake and paint them. Hope that helps. Talk to you soon Thanks again for your comments everyone ohh yeah welcome borris & Kromit to the site;)

Modelmaker93 Apr 7th 2008 4:32pm

Yippy i am a runner up what do i do

wghtmf Apr 16th 2008 12:27pm

good one

Gromitt Apr 24th 2008 7:55am

Nice Job, fantastic with the lip syncing, I would recommend a bit longer of a story next time. All in all Great!

Mark the shark May 4th 2008 10:31am

Well deserved win! :D

Fourthtry May 7th 2008 7:08pm

Is "Cracking" Wallace's way of saying "cool"?

Modelmaker93 Jul 2nd 2008 2:32pm


Purple&Brown Sep 20th 2008 3:09am

wats your channel on youtube:-(|)

Purple&Brown Oct 1st 2008 1:22pm

congrats Modelmaker93 Good Job

thetopbun Dec 13th 2008 12:58pm

You removed the vid! :O:-(:'(

crackingtoast Dec 26th 2008 6:00am

why did you removed it? from what i've seen of the comments it seems like a great film!:-(

53Reid Feb 15th 2010 10:19pm

What a stupid idea to remove it! (I didn't even get to see it!) :O:-(

Asa peters Jul 22nd 2010 11:31am
Asa peters Oct 29th 2010 9:18am
Asa peters Oct 29th 2010 9:18am
evastar7 Jul 24th 2011 5:44am

awwww its removed it looks reallly good ! :'(:-(

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