Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-rabbit

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Lady Tottington

Beautiful and wealthy spinster, Lady Campanula Tottington, is an attractive 40-something aristocrat who longs for romance - of a wild, abandoned, natural kind, but so far suspects she has not found the right man.

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Victor Quartermaine

Proud, pompous and penniless aristocrat Victor Quartermaine, is a handsome, debonair 40-something bachelor. Victor struts his stuff sporting a poncey hairdo and a twelve-bore, and regards himself as somewhat of a lady's man. Pushed to the extreme, Victor can be extremely devious, stopping at nothing to get what he wants.

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A cute, though hungry, little bunny captured by Anti-Pesto and used in Wallace's fateful experiment to cure offending rabbits of their veg ravaging behaviour. Hutch transpires to be a useful, if somewhat unpredictable bunny.

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Rev. Clement Hedges

Long serving Vicar of Wallace and Gromit's parish, Reverend Clement Hedges, is by nature a benevolent and understanding soul. However, when innocent vegetables are at risk the usually mild mannered old gentleman becomes vengeful and tormented, spreading doom and gloom.

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Mr & Mrs Mulch

An elderly couple of vegetable growing fanatics, Mrs Mulch is the dominant one of the two and one of the key rabble rousers when things start to go wrong. Like most of the townfolk she changes her allegiance day by day, depending on who is taking the action - Mr Mulch has no option but to go along with his tough wife.

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Mr. Growbag

The original founder member of the 'veg growers committee', Mr Growbag has seen it all before - if it's giant rabbits this time it was giant slugs last time - it makes no difference, the only way to deal with vege burglars is with brute force!

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