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GromitW Posted: Aug 21st 2007

Who do you like best? Preston or Feather and why?

James Posted: Aug 21st 2007

Feather because its funny when it says have you seen this chiken also a penguin claic hehe

jordan Posted: Aug 21st 2007

this should be in the W&G Favourites Section of The Forum

CheeseGromit Posted: Aug 21st 2007

I have to say Feathers because i love what he looks like and i dont see why you cant choose him.

So Feathers gets my vote!

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 22nd 2007

it has to be feathers i hardly like a close shave. theres something about it i dont like

Joruus Posted: Aug 22nd 2007

because its villain :).

patter Posted: Aug 26th 2007


fatfriday1 Posted: Aug 29th 2007

has to be

RowansLovesWAndG Posted: Aug 30th 2007


MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

is because hes sneeky

anti-pesto Posted: Mar 5th 2008

he appears in a close shave and curse of the were-rabbit so hes the best

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Mar 5th 2008

appears in wrong trousers and cotwr so hes best lol

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