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black Posted: May 3rd 2008

i think it's leeds. what do you think marhy sharky

Josephine Posted: May 4th 2008


They are from LANCASHIRE - a county in North West England.

Sock Eye Salmon

jordan Posted: May 5th 2008

ever heard to the Lancashire Hotpots Comedy Band there Fantastic!

anti-pesto Posted: May 5th 2008


VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 11th 2008

I believe it is set around a small village near preston

black Posted: May 27th 2008

i dont know.

tysiony Posted: Jun 11th 2008

I believe in "The wrong trousers" Gromit picks up a letter with West wallaby street, Wigan.It's on wiki.
Wigan in a small town in Lancashire.Nick Park was born and studied at Preston.But Wallace accent is that of a yorkshireman.

crackingcheese Posted: Aug 10th 2008

its very confusing!

kld loves wallace Posted: Sep 10th 2008

its wigan you daftes

kld loves wallace Posted: Sep 10th 2008

cause it is on the wilkepidea website for wallace and gromit

Windows Vista Posted: Feb 4th 2009

kld loves wallace, Everybody is right, Wigan is in Lancashire.

timmythesheep848 Posted: Feb 5th 2009

Although the town is real, the address clearly is not. In The Wrong Trousers, the pile of letters Gromit picks up while looking for birthday cards sports the postcode of WG7 7FU, although a check of the Royal Mail's Postcodes Online service [1] fails to find the corresponding West Wallaby Street address. Furthermore, Wigan postcodes begin with WN and not WG, although this could be a reference to Wallace and Gromits' names. In fact, WN7 is the postcode area for nearby Leigh.

At the beginning of the feature-length film The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, when Wallace and Gromit are getting into their Anti-Pesto van, Wallace is seen pressing the ignition start button. In this shot, "A-Z Wigan" can be seen on the dashboard, further proof that the duo live in the town.

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