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Harry Posted: Oct 21st 2007

What Plasticine Do YOU Use For Your Animations/Models And

What Do You Give It Out Of 10?

Where Do You Get It From?

Harry :D

connor gorman Posted: Oct 21st 2007


debeller Posted: Oct 21st 2007

I use newplast i give it 10/10 and i get it from hobbycraft but you can probely get it in some craft stores

no1fan Posted: Oct 21st 2007

same as the one above for me!;)

Meggy-Egg Posted: Oct 21st 2007

Newplast 10 out of 10

Harry Posted: Oct 22nd 2007

So I Am Gussing I Should Use Newplast.

But Where Is The Best Internet Shop To Buy It?

animation boy Posted: Oct 22nd 2007

Newplast 7/10. Bit too heavy.

anti-pesto Posted: Oct 22nd 2007

10 because its easy 2 use. u can get it from local art shops

Harry Posted: Oct 22nd 2007

Wow They Were Quick Replies.

But Where On The Internet Can You Buy It?

Thanks Debellar, Is Hobbycraft A Safe Store?

Debellar Can You Please Send Me A Link To The Newplast
Page On Hobbycraft I Cant Fid It.


Harry Posted: Oct 22nd 2007

Has Anyone Bought Of The Site anti-pesto Sent?

If You Have Is It Safe?

bigballbubblehead Posted: Oct 22nd 2007

i use colour clay and its wicked! 10/10 cos it comes in so many colours (hint why its called colour clay) easy to use and you get loads for your money!!! £1.50 for 1 but its i got like two of each colour and i've had it for two years and its still going :p

i bought it of here:

you can trust this;):D:D:D:D:D

debeller Posted: Oct 24th 2007

Hi harry for some reason i cant find a page for Newplast
on Hobbycraft myself,so i just went there and thats where i get my Newplast

Harry Posted: Oct 24th 2007

Ok I Think Im Gonna Get It On

Harry Posted: Oct 27th 2007

Where Is The Clostest Hobbycraft To York?

jordan Posted: Oct 27th 2007

leeds, but they only got 4 colours black, red , white green, rainbow.

Harry Posted: Nov 17th 2007

I Got Some Today,


Its Great,

Thanks You Lot For Saying How Its Like.

jordan Posted: Nov 17th 2007

need a new place to get it...

jamesy Posted: Nov 17th 2007

if you go to fareham shopping center go to the toy shop,they have a w+g model making kit you can make hutch gromit and wallace.

plasjas Posted: Nov 17th 2007

NEWPLAST 10/10 you can go to

plasjas Posted: Nov 17th 2007

sorry about that just type lewis newplast into the site does not exist anymore oh well

cavor Posted: Nov 17th 2007

You can get your newplast plastercine from this supplier they are a big art and animation provider.

connor-james-gorman Posted: Nov 24th 2007

Sculpey Mould Is Good 7/10

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