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bronny8425 Posted: May 29th 2008

can u make a cake of ur favorite characters or vans?

bronny8425 Posted: Jun 4th 2008

i cant n its reallt hard

Nah Posted: Jun 9th 2008

heh... if i had a cake tin in the right shape

bronny8425 Posted: Jun 26th 2008

yeah but can u make it witout the shape and shape it after its cooked cause i would like 2 do dat

Lovely Cheese Posted: Jul 5th 2008

Actually I believe that Wilton (see makes a tin(actually,we Americans call them "pans" but they are the same thing) that is shaped like a 3d race car. You can build Wallace's van up from that.

Lovely Cheese Posted: Jul 6th 2008

Hey,I have an idea,you see,my eldest daughter,Stephanie wants her birthday cake this year (which will be in two weeks) to look like the cloud castle in Care-A-lot. Preferably using Wilton's "Romantic castle" cake set (see I have positively no clue how to make it look that way. But if any of you have a twelve-year old daughter that may perchance fancy the exact same cake that I am thinking about,and her birthday is hopefully in two weeks as well,maybve you could make a astle cake and take snapshot of it and paste it on your post and tell me how you made it and maybee I can try to copy it.

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