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Aardman Staff Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 3rd 2008

We are currently working on a number of shots that require visual effects to enhance the animation and action in this film - things we can't possibly achieve on the sets of the film.

We've currently completed work to 59 shots and the scope of the work has included adding everything from flour floating round in the atmosphere of the bakery, to steam coming off bread, to tyre smoke and exhaust fumes coming from the wheels of Wallace and Gromit's van. As the action heats up towards the end of the film, the skills of our Visual Effects artists are really being tested to the limit with some fantastic effects for the finale of the story.

As many of you may know, our visual effects artists also have some seemingly boring tasks in comparison to effects they are creating - such as painting out a rig which holds the character in place while being animated or painting out a join or imperfection in the set. Our artists have got their work cut out for sure!

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 3rd 2008

Coooooooooll! Good luck! :D

jordan Posted: Jun 3rd 2008

woo finally an update thanks very much

very cool to know about visual effects! so more skidding austin van !

Harry Posted: Jun 3rd 2008

Thanks for the update 'Aardman Staff' Sounds cool, I wouldnt be able to do this in my animations, well good luck getting towards the end of the film hope it goes well!

squigly Posted: Jun 4th 2008

fantastic news...thanks for the update. sounds like things are going along quite fine!

anti-pesto Posted: Jun 4th 2008

im at skool now but thanks 4 the update

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 4th 2008

Yes, when was the last update apart from this? ;)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 4th 2008

It's like buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once ;)

jordan Posted: Jun 4th 2008


Harry Posted: Jun 4th 2008

Hehe Katie, your true, Jordan your not online...

jordan Posted: Jun 4th 2008

oh but i was/am/was,

Josephine Posted: Jun 4th 2008

Way to go, team!!!!! We're confident that you are all on the "crust" of the wave, "jamming" together - no "flan"-nel!
It's bun, bun, bun all the way!

Will Piella sing that song from "Oliver!" called "As Long As He Kneads (Needs) Me"?


anti-pesto Posted: Jun 7th 2008

oh i fought she would sing "food glorious food" lol
poor piella!

conty Posted: Jun 7th 2008

thanks for the update guys!!! :D

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 10th 2008

Yes, yes, thank you!!! :D

Lord Vladder Posted: Jun 10th 2008

Do let me know if you need a hand ;)

marcosoliz Posted: Jun 10th 2008

Yea! Awsome!

Chocachoc Posted: Jun 10th 2008

nice updates!

wandgfan21 Posted: Jul 1st 2008

i cant wait for the upcoming film.Has nick park got more ideas in that amazing brain of his?

bronny8425 Posted: Jul 1st 2008

thats so cool and i can not wait until it comes out i will be waiting to see it with much anticipation!!!!!!!

Hermes Posted: Jul 18th 2008

sounds really cool

Amz 94 Posted: Aug 1st 2008

^ i've got all them in my collectables xD anyone else have a huge collection??

Adrin Posted: Aug 6th 2008

mucha suerte!!

razzle Posted: Aug 6th 2008

I am just thrilled to find out that a new show is in production. Have adored the W&G gang since The Wrong Trousers - Feathers McGraw is just the berries.

Josephine Posted: Aug 7th 2008

Amen to that, razzle!

The berries?! New one on me, friend! Feather's is the cat's knees and the bee's whiskers...

Wait a minute, er, shouldn't that be the bee's......?

Aw, never mind!

Sock Eye Salmon

holly1208 Posted: Aug 14th 2008

Good luck in 'Loaf Or Death' it sounds like a great &film,I can't wait for it to come out!

xHaNnAhVwx Posted: Aug 16th 2008

Wowwwwww :O this all sounds amazing i cant waitttt till i see the film 8)

gromit rules Posted: Aug 17th 2008

whooooooooooooooooooa yes:D

jills Posted: Sep 4th 2008

I have a feeling that if there are any imperfections to be seen, they will all be intentional a la Gromit's thumbprinted nose!

amc Posted: Sep 8th 2008

I am in Canada....

when will we get to see the new Wallace and Gromit production?

Will we have to wait until spring for a dvd release?

I can't wait to see it,I love W@G!

plasjas Posted: Sep 9th 2008

thanks for the updates

cuncuna Posted: Sep 10th 2008


Mark the shark Posted: Sep 14th 2008

Hehehe! I feel the same way, cuncuna

thetopbun Posted: Dec 14th 2008

Are the effects the bits where Wallace slows down the bike with the buns! That was hilarious! Also the bit with the bomb and the sparks going off! Haha save the kittens and the pool f ducks outside the house! Haha!

F4G Posted: Dec 16th 2008


SavedbyBishop Posted: Dec 16th 2008

Great movie aardman!!!

F4G Posted: Dec 16th 2008

Hooray hooray hooray for Aardman!!!

wgrock1015 Posted: Dec 23rd 2008

yes go aardman

jjj Posted: Dec 24th 2008


bozlid Posted: Dec 24th 2008

this look good

thetopbun Posted: Dec 26th 2008

Wooh! I think everyone is glad Katie I hope you read everyone's replies! 10/10 and you got the most viewers on that day! 14.14 million! Tell the team all the wallace and gromit fan lovers on this site with accounts are extremely greatful! Who is with me?! :D

cool chris Posted: Jan 9th 2009


thetopbun Posted: Jan 9th 2009


jordie Posted: Jan 10th 2009


Dibin Posted: Jan 11th 2009

I hope there's going to be anouther wallace & Gromit
with this guy and him and him
and him and her and these two

Bread Posted: Mar 24th 2009

I hope the next W and G film is |-) , :) , ;) , and :D!

gromit14 Posted: Apr 1st 2009

i love wallice and gromit i wish they were real

gromit14 Posted: Apr 1st 2009

there cat:-(|)ch fraze is cheese and mine is coke

Vidpal Posted: Sep 6th 2009

i'm afraid Gromit's tail is gone when Piella picks him up off the chair before she says he bit her is that going to be digitally fixed?

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