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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 4th 2008

I got a call yesterday from Beeky up at the W&G studios - it sounds like life on the production floor is super-hectic. For that reason, I’ll be delivering part of this month’s update and hopefully Beeky will be back with us next month…

So what’s new?
The team have nearly finished the opening sequence to the film, which I’m told starts in true chaotic Wallace & Gromit fashion – although this time there is distinct bakery theme to the madness…

The character of Piella is coming to life - Nick and his team of animators are discovering more about her personality and mannerisms as they continue to animate her. It sounds like she’s shaping up to be a fascinating character!

For the first time all special effects are being created in-house, meaning that the team can see the scenes evolving as shooting progresses, rather than having to send all the film away at the end for another company to work their magic. You can find out more from the special effects team here:

Finally, the team are still working to a tight deadline and aim to finish shooting in September. This leaves valuable editing time before launching the final piece at the end of the year.

Cracking Number Crunching!
Like stats? Try these on for size…

• The team are 3 shots away from finishing the opening scene
• 11 new animators have come on board this week to pick up the pace on shooting
• 18 shooting units are up and running, each working on different scenes from the film
• In total 394 seconds of film has been shot
That’s 6 minutes, and 34 seconds – so still a long way to go!

Look out for more updates next month as the countdown continues....

jordan Posted: Jun 4th 2008

very cool info thanks katie!

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 4th 2008

COOL!!! I soooooo can't wait! :D Thank you Katie! ;)

Harry Posted: Jun 4th 2008

Thanks katie, you and the crew are awesome! thats good stuff!

bronny8425 Posted: Jun 4th 2008

OMG thanks katie i absoultly cannot wait for it to be completed:D

anti-pesto Posted: Jun 4th 2008

that is quite alot of time concidering hw long it takes! well done aardman youre great!

Josephine Posted: Jun 4th 2008

Right then, Katie - I'm going to use those numbers for my National Lottery ticket. Thanks for the info! Whoopiedooo! June is here! Flamin' Nora!!!! Where has the year gone?

Any shortages of tea, coffee and biccies yet? If so, I'll send a Red Cross parcel... with love from Stockport (via the Were Rabbit!)

Josephine Posted: Jun 4th 2008

Who knows? He might throw in some carrot cake!!!!

jordan Posted: Jun 5th 2008

i bet advertising and promotions will start from sept

Josephine Posted: Jun 5th 2008

We're not "pasty" caring, yet! >:-)

Bring on the ads, the promos, the t-shirts, socks and rolling pins!

Inika_Unite77 Posted: Jun 9th 2008

This is gonna be great! Another reason to look forward to christmas!!!

Mark the shark Posted: Jun 10th 2008


Christmas, don't be late!

(Line from Alvin and the Chipmunks song "Christmas don't be Late") :D

wandgfan21 Posted: Jun 27th 2008

great news an awful lot of sticky threads on this part of the forum.

The forums are now closed. For all the latest Wallace & Gromit activity and discussion visit the news section of the website

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