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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 4th 2008

Painting Aardman Exhibit - Holburne Museum, Bath, 7th June – 6th July

Are you interested in art and a fan of Aardman Animations? Then you might be interested in a new exhibition opening in Bath this weekend....

Painting Aardman
In 2006 Vincent Brown won the Holburne Dukes Portrait Prize and was rewarded with a commission to paint someone connected to arts in the South West. He chose to paint co-founders of Aardman Animations, Peter Lord and David Sproxton, along with Nick Park, creator and director of Wallace & Gromit.

The exhibition will explore the development of the portrait from initial studies to finished work. Additionally, there will also be pieces from the Aardman archive on display, together with material describing the company’s history and own creative process.

Entrance is free, so if you are in the area go and check it out! For more information please visit

Weekend Special: Amazing Animation Workshop - Saturday & Sunday 28 and 29 June

To celebrate the new exhibition, the Holburne is hosting a weekend animation workshop for 11-16 year-olds. No previous experience is required: some of the work will be displayed in the gallery and finished films will be copied on to CD for you to take home. For more information and details of other summer activities please visit:

jordan Posted: Jun 4th 2008

im ina pickle Motorshow or This , but i want to go to both!!!! Vicent brown is on deviantart and has original skecthes on these portraits on there.

Nick Park

Peter Lord

THE ARTIST VINCENT BROWN wouldnt be happy if he has spent all that amazing time and effort on the portraits. then for you to steal and copy the pictures onto your computer.


Josephine Posted: Jun 4th 2008

They are great pictures, very well done and what a privilege to have a distinguished artist to pain them - BUT....

Personally, it was a shock not to see The Almighty Aards smiling even a little bit...then again, can one sustain a cheesy grin for hours whilst one is being painted?

Well, not if you get emulsion all over your favourite socks!

Get Rolf Harris to do the Almighty Aards next time!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 5th 2008

The ones above were just some preparatory work for the final piece. I haven't actually seen the final portrait (although I might try and visit over the weekend) so it's a possibility that they look happier in that one!

Josephine Posted: Jun 5th 2008

Oh, I do hope so, Katie!

I also hope that Aardman fans who live in the area will offer their verdicts (including your sainted self, Katie!) on the final piece.

I'm more Were-Rabbit Country than West Country, if you see what I mean...

VincentBrown Posted: Jun 11th 2008

Hi Katie,
Thanks for the post about the exhibition.
I read some of the comments about the three of them looking miserable and thought it would be nice to show the finished piece. Here is a link for it -
There was also a nice feature on the BBC -
Thanks for the mention.
(I bet Rolf Harris would have done a cracking job :) )

jordan Posted: Jun 11th 2008

hi vincent welcome to or .com etc

you know how much i love your art allready but just to say once more ITS FANTASTIC hope you will be inspired to more more aardman work in the future.

Josephine Posted: Jun 11th 2008

Vincent -

In a word - BRILLIANT!!!!!


Josephine Posted: Jun 11th 2008


My initial shock (and concern) subsided, thanks to Katie and yourself.

The first comments of mine posted here were not meant as catty criticism. I'm too used to seeing photos of the Almighty Aards looking bubbly and happy (except when the Almighty Nick P lost W&G in NY when they went AWOL in a taxi and when their work history went up in smoke in 2005).

So, Vincent, I hope that what I have said now won't go in one ear and out the other (whoops! The WRONG Vincent. Sorry!) and that you will keep up the good work with the Aards...

Sock Eye Salmon

VincentBrown Posted: Jun 12th 2008

Thanks for the kind comments.
I felt so honoured to have the oportunity to paint them, but also a little frightened of getting it wrong, it was a big responsibility to have and one that I wasn't sure I deserved.
I didn't like the three individual studies of them, they only took a day and I never would have shown them to anyone, but the museum had the idea that the show should include all of the rough work as well as the finished pieces, the trouble is that in promoting the show they didn't want to use the finished piece before the official unveiling and so they used the studies, unfortunately a lot of people judged me, my work and the show by these three pictures, ouch :)
I spoke with Peter Lord on the night and apologised for his painting especialy :)

In the Art World it isn't easy to paint people smiling and get away with it, but I completely agree with you on the point that they had to look happy. I love the work that they do and I love the humour that they are so loved for, it was important to try to capture that quirky Britishness somehow.
Some of my very serious Artist freinds don't like the comedy of it and would have prefered a more serious piece, but I am happy with it and feel I've tried my best.

Thanks for the nice comments and no offence taken :)

VincentBrown Posted: Jun 12th 2008

Thanks for the welcome, and your feedback throughout the project.

I want to do one last piece, a big version of this painting, without the great W&G, entirely from plasticene. Then I will be done.
I'll make sure that you are the first to see it (after the sitters)

Speak soon

cinders1 Posted: Jun 12th 2008

cant belive me and conty missed this post!!!!! aarrggghhhh!!! just tried booking up for the animation weekend and they are fully booked!!! but we live in hope, the lovely lady there is going to ask if she can add 1 more to the list, so fingers crossed:)

and vincent your work looks amazing we look forward to seeing it at bath;)

VincentBrown Posted: Jun 12th 2008

Thank you. I hope you enjoy it

cinders1 Posted: Jun 13th 2008

im sure that we will, i know that conty will, he loves his art, he has got a place now on the animation weekend. i have just received a phone call from them, it was so kind of them to get him on the weekend, what lovely people;) hopefully you will be there vincent so we can meet you too:)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 17th 2008

Hi Vincent, thanks for posting the final piece and telling us a bit more about your work - I couldn't find it on the Holburn website so I though it might be being kept under wraps!

I went to see the exhibit at the weekend and thought it was fabulous :)

Conty/Cinders - glad you managed to get a place on the animation weekend, I hope you have a brilliant time and be sure to let us know how you get on!

Ursrut Posted: Jun 18th 2008

I missed this post as well most annoyingly. :-(
I will just have to go to the museum and see what they have up. :)

conty Posted: Jun 29th 2008

katie the animation course was really good :) thankyou for letting us know about it and vincents art was fantastic:O

Ursrut Posted: Jul 1st 2008

Yeah the course was great i really enjoyed it.

Steel picker Posted: Sep 30th 2008

Finesse at its finest, very, very brilliant!!

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