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Matt08 Posted: Jun 16th 2008

I'm fairly new to this forum, but have been messing around with stop motion for around a year now.
I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how to make a mould for a latex puppet that would be moulded around a ball and socket armature (6 inches tall).
Alternatively, if you know of a better method I can use to create my puppet then say so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matt08 Posted: Jun 16th 2008


anyone there?

Duchamp42 Posted: Jun 18th 2008

I would think with latex you could use almost any standard casting method, but I've never tried that media before.

Nofby Posted: Jun 26th 2008

Matt08, I'm here!! I know a heap about this, and I'll reply with an in-depth answer tommorow.

sydney1234 Posted: Apr 27th 2011

where is the in depth answer? also need that info please
< Link removed by EllieM >

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 28th 2011

@ Sydney1234 I'm not sure that Nofby still uses this site, perhaps someone else can help you :)

fateme Posted: May 26th 2011

can u say that what u mean?
i did not undrestand your problem

yianni Posted: Sep 1st 2011

scottdaros Posted: Sep 22nd 2011

It's quite an involved process. It would be hard to explain it all in a forum post...You first sculpt your character using oil-based clay, then you have to lay it on it's back and create a "layup" around it using water based clay. Then you build walls around this using something like foam core. You need a material like UltraCal to mix with water and then pour it on top of your character & layup. After letting it dry, you remove the walls, flip the whole thing over, apply a mold release to the dried UltraCal, then pour it on THIS side. After it's dry, you pry the mold halves apart and take out your clay character. Then you need to build your ball & socket armature or purchase one from a place like Animation Supplies. Once you are finished with this, you will need a foam latex kit. You have to mix all of the ingredients very carefully and then use something like a spatula to pour it into your 2 mold halves. Then you place your armature into this gooey mess, squeeze and strap the two halves together and stick it into the oven.

That is the short explanation, but there is soooo much stuff in between all of these steps and important details that I have left out. Perhaps searching some sort of video tutorial would be more help.

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