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Harry Posted: Jun 19th 2008

Bobby(standing for PC/Policeman) Baul is who I think should be the new 'Bobby' for the new Wallace and Gromit short coming this year. He is a very tall man and always has his hands behind his back, he says "Ello Ello Ello" lots and loves doughnuts as usual, he is a very slow man. He is not a good policeman either, as he does not notice the bakery murders going around the streets. I made him in about a Week and I hope you like it, its my first model of a Human fully. Please Comment.

Ursrut Posted: Jun 20th 2008

That looks Great harry.

cinders1 Posted: Jun 20th 2008

harry thats great well done!!!!! you know he looks like bobby ball, the comedian (cannon and ball) is that where you got your idea from?

i bet your really pleased with the results and you should be!!! its very good|-)

Josephine Posted: Jun 20th 2008

Bobby Baul looks well fabulous, Harry! Well done, you! He looks like PC Mackintosh's cousin (perhaps he is).

Your story of Bobby Baul reminds me of a programme I recently saw on a satellite channel (called DMAX) which dealt with forensic science. It was one where these cops used to go to this bakery for their regular doughnuts and coffee. They found out later on, whilst working on an investigation, that this friendly neighbourhood baker turned out to be a serial killer :O

Is Bobby a plain clothes copper?

PS: The baker who makes Corn Flake Tarts is...the "ceral" killer!!!!

Tee Hee!

Sock Eye Salmon

conty Posted: Jun 20th 2008

well done mate he looks great!!!!!:)

Harry Posted: Jun 20th 2008

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Its a help on me wanting to make more.

I didnt know who Bobby Baul was until I was in the middle of making him. I straight away started making another model after I took the picture yesterday. The new one looks tidier and cleaner!

squigly Posted: Jun 20th 2008

Fantabulous, Harry! You've really thought out your character down to the story line! Can't wait to see the new one. Any hints?

Harry Posted: Jun 20th 2008

I am doing 2 new ones, one is more of a summer thing so I will do that after this one. The new one is looking really good the legs are half the size of Bobby Bauls, but hes are gigantic, I will do alot with this model I am making now. It may be finished sometime soon.

conty Posted: Jun 20th 2008

cool harry go for it mate!!!!:D

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