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Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jun 21st 2008

When will we being seeing this new W&G short in the U.S.? And on what station will it be airing?

jordan Posted: Jun 21st 2008

expect it jan 2009 or dec 2008 , were getting christmas it soudns like here in the uk

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jun 23rd 2008

The previous W&G short films have typically been between 25 minutes and 34 minutes. What is the expected running time for "A Matter of Loaf and Death"? And does anyone know what station it will be airing on in the U.S.?

jordan Posted: Jun 24th 2008

30-34 mins probley

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jun 25th 2008

After "A Matter of Loaf and Death" hits the airwaves, when can we expect to see W&G again?

jordan Posted: Jun 26th 2008

we dont know its too soon!!!!!!!!

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jun 27th 2008

The greatest problem with stop-motion animation is the amount of time it takes to produce a film. I'm still waiting for a sequel to Chicken Run!

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Jun 28th 2008

stop motion animation has become uicker to produce films ow they have a new way.

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jun 28th 2008

I assume you're referring to digital cameras and CGI. Yes, I suppose that they have made certain aspects of filming stop-motion animation easier, but I miss the older, somewhat more simple days when things looked less polished. Hopefully W&G will stick with plasticine and don't get caught up in the computer animation craze!

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Jun 28th 2008

i dont think they will or i will probably stop watching w and g coz plactercine suits them and is now irreplaceable

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 10th 2008

Still no word on what U.S. television station "A Matter of Loaf and Death" will be airing on. I'm beginning to get anxious.

You wouldn't like me when I'm anxious.*
* = bad Hulk reference

jordan Posted: Jul 11th 2008

whats wrong with you, weve told you allready its too soon to know what station it will be airing on outside of the UK, and the film is still being filmed, you have to be patient......

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Jul 11th 2008


Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 14th 2008

I'm trying to get other people to voice their opinions and give out information. I'm not asking you two exclusively. My idea behind this discussion forum was to give W&G fans the opportunity to ask any and all questions they might have about "A Matter of Loaf and Death" and hopefully receive a great number of varying responses from different sources.
Apparently that's not happening.

bree_cheese Posted: Jul 14th 2008

Luckyducky 13:
i heard that it might be on pbs but i think it would proably be on abc family or nick or maybe disney
thats all i know

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 16th 2008

Keep the rumor mill circulating and maybe the truth will reveal itself.

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 22nd 2008

I know this has nothing to do with W&G, but does anyone know if Shaun the Sheep might be in a full-length feature film?

Bmonsterboy Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

Does any one know what the basis of the plot will be?
>:-)I am so eager to see it

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 24th 2008

Just speculation, nothing concrete.

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 28th 2008

Will there be new Cracking Contraptions shorts?

Fish Posted: Jul 28th 2008

Lucky Ducky 13, there is a BBC channel available from some cable TV companies. It's called "BBC America" - or something close to that. Maybe the new & film will air on that channel. My only other guess would be PBS.

maided Posted: Jul 29th 2008


Juste wanted to ask a stupid question :

Does the title "A matter of loaf and death" have any connections with the latest Iron Maiden album ("A matter of life and death") which is very near :D ?

and "A matter of loaf and death" will airing on the french TV ?

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Jul 30th 2008

I highly doubt it.
As for what channel "A Matter of Loaf and Death" will be airing on, I couldn't tell you. But as soon as we find out we'll have it posted here.

Harry Posted: Aug 2nd 2008

Just had a thought, BBC's iPlayer might be having it online, thats updated all the time aswell so when it is finished on English TV it will proberly be on BBC's iPlayer online.

jordan Posted: Aug 3rd 2008

iPlayer usually says "Only Available To The Uk"

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Aug 5th 2008

Aw, shucks.

luke-puke Posted: Aug 9th 2008

will this W&G have a villain like Victor Feathers Mcgraw or Preston? or maybe a new villain??????????????

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Aug 11th 2008

There's always a villain (or at least someone who is perceived as being a villain). The Cooker wasn't really villainous, just grouchy about not having a hobby.

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Aug 19th 2008

Hey, Jordan. I love the new avatar!

jordan Posted: Aug 20th 2008


DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 20th 2008

Dear Lucky Ducky 13,
There proably will be a villain-thats a good guess.I loved the cooker,was funny but I prefer W&G.

Dear Jordan,
I like your avatar too.I forgot her name,what was it?

From DancingShauny99
Please Reply

jordan Posted: Aug 21st 2008

Piella Bakewell

kieran Posted: Aug 21st 2008

i think feathers mcgraw is going to be in it as a guess.

DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 21st 2008

Oh Yeh!
Kieran,I think so 2.

From D$

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Aug 21st 2008

That would be nice but I'm hoping for a new villain. A giant mutant jelly donut for example. How would Wallace and Gromit face that kind of a threat?

DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 22nd 2008

I would like something likr Feathers or Preston makes a robot loaf of bread!

JeremySolliePictures Posted: Aug 24th 2008

My villian pick for this would have it be a person they think is a person but in the end It's acually a robot controlled by Feathers McGraw

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Aug 25th 2008

I would love to see Wallace fight a giant snapper turtle, but I can't imagine how that would tie in with the already established plot of missing bakers.

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Aug 26th 2008

I hate to ask such a grim question, but...

As Peter Sallis is getting rather old, who (if anyone) will voice Wallace after he's gone?

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 27th 2008

I think it will end. I personally would hate to see someone else take over as Wallace - it would be really weird and feel very wrong.

They can keep it going through comics and fanbases, but not through film I would say.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 28th 2008

I think it's one of those impossible situations that no one likes to think about. As Seb says, having a replacement voice would seem a little wierd, but I'm hoping we won't have to find out for many years yet :)

Saying that, I still haven't got over the fact they had to switch Dumbledores in the Harry Potter films - eek!

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2008

quick get peter sallis to say the whole dictionary and record it, no not really. lol

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 28th 2008

He's not young, but he's not a weak person, loves his life and his job so he'll be one of those wonderful people who just keep going!

A 90 year old friend of mine gets up at 8am and works until 9pm non-stop gardening, cooking, etc! When it comes to old age if you don't want to die you probably won't!

So Peter Sallis, I should think, will be entertaining us for much longer.

And yes Katie, I haven't got over Dumbledore either!

Fish Posted: Aug 29th 2008

I feel that way about the Dumbledore switch, too.

I wake up to the voice of Peter Sallis every morning - maybe some of you do too. I can't use a conventional alarm clock because I can't hear high pitched sounds. But I can hear Peter Sallis' voice from my W&G alarm clock very well!

Harry Posted: Aug 29th 2008

Ooh, I hope Peter Sallis will be one of those lucky chaps that get a Letter from the Queen at 100th birthday! that would be Cracking! Maybe the Queen could do a voice in a Wallace and Gromit Adventure if he gets a letter from her! I wonder is she watches Wallace and Gromit.

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Aug 29th 2008

I enjoy the new Dumbledore, but I miss Richards Harris. As for Peter Sallis, I hope we can all look forward to many more years of his voice as Wallace. I also love his performance on "Last of the Summer Wine". I suppose so long as he knows how much he is loved by his fans and so long as he keeps himself motivated and healthy, Peter will be entertaining for years to come.
Thanks to Seb and Katie for stopping by.

DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 29th 2008

It would be cool for the Queen to watch it!Maybe she has a collection!

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 30th 2008

I wonder if phillip thew dog is going to cuse havoc in this one gromit will show him if he does

go Gromit WooHoo

jills Posted: Sep 4th 2008

DS99, I bet the Queen will be watching this Christmas 8)

As for Peter Sallis, I started watching Last of the Summer Wine after I'd seen two of the W&G films, and I just think it's Wallace playing Peter's character the whole time :-(|)

I'm wondering if Cooker will cameo in the kitchen in AMOLAD-- any word about that, you lot?

Lucky Ducky 13 Posted: Sep 12th 2008

Yes, she is quite a fan of W&G (but then who isn't?). If memory serves me correctly she was given a tour of Aardman's animation studios. What I wouldn't give to have a visit myself!

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