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Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

Why dont you post your pictures of all your aardman collectabels on the post.

Here are all mine. I didnt realize i had this much

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

He he quite a collection.

I have got;

2 Aardman envolopes

2 Wallace and gromit "wash n go" dolls houses

2 Gromit Plush toys

Wallace plush toy

Wendoline plush toy

2 Shaun plush toys

Wallace and gromit metal notebook.

Wallace and gromit alarm clock

Gromit thermal mug

Wallace and gromit limeted edition tin ( 3 cracking adventures)

Wallace and gromit post cards

Shaun the sheep post cards

Wallace and gromit annual 2008 edition

Cracking animation book (Blue edition)

Nodding shaun from a close shave.

Gromit in airaplane (Airfix)

Wallace and gromit figures (Wallace saying cheese, Feathers, wendoline standing, gromit holding chin, gromit sitting down, and shaun sitting in his jumper)

Wallace and Wendoline and Gromit salt and pepper pots

Certificate saying winner for shaun the sheep Art-Yard

Certificate saying runner up for wallace and gromit your creations.

Wallace and gromit Curse of the wear rabbit dvd 2 disc edition

Shaun the sheep off the baa dvd

Shaun the sheep saturday night out dvd

Chicken run dvd

Flushed away dvd

Flushed away Nintendo ds game

Shaun the sheep poster

Letter from aardman

He he quite alot of stuff show us your stuff

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

oh yeah shaun the sheep and wallace and gromit comics

Ursrut Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

You have loads of stuff Modelmaker i've only got Flushed away and the curse of the were rabbit out of all that.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

ha i didnt think i had that many stuff i started collecting last month.[

A will let you in a secret of mine on how i get my stuff....

I go to carboots. u can get alsorts from there my mum and found the figures and the nodding sahun from a close shave today while i was doing my newspaper round.

jordan Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

that was taken in 2005 , i got loads more stuff since that pic was taken

Ursrut Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

and charity shops. I saw at least two things in the british heart one.
I saw
a wallace and gromit tie
and the dvd of the curse of the were rabbit

Ursrut Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

Wow Jordan you have quiet a bit of stuff there as well. :O

jordan Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

theres is loads of stuff there, imagine if i took a pic with all the stuff i got at the mo it would fill up the living room carpet!!

kieran Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

yeah im running out of room to put it all and keep it in a neat display as well.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

nice collection youve got.

he he guess what

I went on ebay and got.... wait for it....

An original wallace and gromit coalport for only £2.50 and £2.50 postage good or what.

I also got A verry small pin badge

and wallace and gromit statues.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

HI JORDAN do you know that ornament of gromit facing shaun wich you have got is it coalport? its the one were gromit and shaun are face to face.:-|

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 22nd 2008

here is the one i have baught is it a coalport

jordan Posted: Jun 23rd 2008

yeh mines different to yours, mines a newer release its got splodges on shaun and the colouring is different.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Jun 23rd 2008

oh :'( still cant wiat to get my collectabels

wandgfan21 Posted: Jun 23rd 2008

im running out of storage space i recently bought a whole bag full of chicken run stuff for just £2.50.

wandgfan21 Posted: Jun 23rd 2008

the poster on kierans wall i have three of those. the poster came in 3 different magazines all of which i collect.

kieran Posted: Jun 23rd 2008

Wallace and gromit comics i collected them all.

crazy-monkey-dude Posted: Aug 8th 2008

here is mine

crazy-monkey-dude Posted: Aug 8th 2008

here is mine ive got more since though it was taken in 2005

crazy-monkey-dude Posted: Aug 8th 2008

heres a close up of the old 1990s figures ive got

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 8th 2008

hey i got that house too lol i can remember opening it for my birthday once lol :)

Adventure Quest 111 Posted: Aug 9th 2008

Wow great collections guys !
Wallace and Gromit stuff is quite hard to find in shops now. THank you amazon

Modelmaker93 Posted: Aug 9th 2008

I get mine from ebay and carboots and second hand shops

Adventure Quest 111 Posted: Aug 9th 2008

Yeah. i was thinking of that

crazy-monkey-dude Posted: Aug 9th 2008

yeah i got lots from ebay and also when i was young because close shave came out the same year i was born (1995)

jordan Posted: Aug 10th 2008

i think mines the biggest collection so far i should take a new pic but i dont want to pull everthing out it will take ages!!!

crackingcheese Posted: Aug 10th 2008

hey crazy-monkey-dude ive got most of those things too!

jordan Posted: Aug 14th 2008

another 6 aardman figures added to my collection "the complete set of 6 flushed away figures" there fantastic realy detailed.

wandgfan21 Posted: Aug 14th 2008

Like modelmaker93 i get my collectables from car boot sales,ebay and surprisingly boots(seriously look in there next time you are near one of their shops).But car boot sales give the best results.And did you buy the figures from e-bay jordan?

jordan Posted: Aug 14th 2008

yeh yesterday and they came today!

DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 14th 2008

i have none

wandgfan21 Posted: Aug 14th 2008

yes i think the seller has dozens of them as i've seen a few of them on e-bay.

kld loves wallace Posted: Aug 23rd 2008

ha ha crazy monkey dude i was born in 1992 so there u go

kieran Posted: Aug 23rd 2008

i was born in 1992 as well cool!!!

Mai Posted: Aug 24th 2008

I Havent got many collectables compared to you lot :-(

But My baaa-ing shaun is awesome!!and my soft toy gromit!!and my shaun straw!!


jordan Posted: Aug 24th 2008

i got another 3 things coming NEW W&g annual , new sts annual & brand new shaun the sheep merchandise only available in japan!!!

Rebel Posted: Aug 24th 2008

I have ove 630 things of aardman 3 years of lovely collecting!

Josephine Posted: Aug 24th 2008

I've been collecting since...heaven knows when!

But I'm well impressed with all the stuff you have - you've got more than me. I hope to boost my collection further by looking into flea markets, charity shops and the like. I'm in no hurry but it'll be a collector's paradise next year!

On my desk, standing on a tiny globe of the world (he's into world domination, actually) is my plush holding a blue transistor radio - he thinks he's doing stuff for the BBC World Service!

I have metal badges (including a treasured porthole badge), socks (you know about them i.e. topic called Let's Talk About Socks!), two T-shirts, a W&G radio,cuddly , and and a were, two watches, several figurines, newspaper and magazine articles from (near enough) the last two decades, three tins, one alarm clock, three air fresheners, one toothbrush holder, one soap holder, one pencil case, two sets of pencils with several of our chums in different poses, one HMV poster, an exclusive poster featuring the Almighty Nick P and Gromit that was given to me by my best friend at the BBC, Creature Comforts bottle tops from bubble baths, a cuddly Andrew the penguin from CC Heat Electric ads, two cuddly Ginger chickens, one cuddly Mac chicken, one COTWR signed poster from the Almighty Nick P, 7 books relating to W&G and Aardman and - the most treasured of all - correspondence from The Almighty Nick P!

I'm sorry I have no pictures to upload like yours at the mo but I'll try my level best to get some as well as more from my archive.

Yours back in the swim (until I go on my hols)
Sock Eye Salmon

Fish Posted: Aug 24th 2008

Josephine! You corresponded with Nick P? :O Please tell us more!!

Josephine Posted: Aug 24th 2008

Oh, Fish, old friend! I have it framed on the wall above my desk at home but - for reasons concerning the House Rules - I can't upload it in it's entirety but only in part. First, I'll have to carefully get it out of the frame before scanning it, which I'll endeavour to sort out for you.

It was twelve years ago when I wrote my version of "War and Peace" to the Almighty Nick P about W&G and how much the dynamic duo -and Nick's work - meant - and still mean - to me. My dad (RIP) was alive then. It was shortly after Nick won his third Oscar for A Close Shave that I felt I had to write from the heart.

(It is better that those we admire hear about how much we love and appreciate them from us whilst they are still around than when it's too late)

Anyway, I remember feeling nervous and shaky after posting it off because of the way I wrote it - it was as if I was talking to an old friend over a cup of tea and biccies about things like childhood memories that the films evoke - like 's wool shop etc.

At the risk of repeating myself, I've never had the honour of meeting the great man!

Imagine the surprise, delight and thrill when my gran (RIP) rang me at my old workplace to tell me there was a card from Bristol and that it was written by Nick Park! She read it out to me over the phone! Talk about being chuffed to a zillion mintballs! Boys, oh boys!

In a nutshell, The Almighty Nick P said he was touched by what I had written, thanked me for my support and encouragement and commented about a newspaper article that printed the wrong picture of his dad!

There is an interesting post script to this, Fish. The journalist who wrote the article that the ANP was talking about is now a good friend! After I showed him a copy of Nick's correspondence (the orignal NEVER leaves the house unless there is burly 'heavy' to carry it for me ;) tee-hee!!!!), he told me he remembered being frustrated - and gutted - that the newspaper in question published a photo of an entirely different person to accompany his article - especially after the effort made of having a photographer with him to set up a shot of Nick's dad posing with cuddly versions of & to compliment the piece.

No wonder he was gutted! I totally understood where he was coming from because I'd have been blazing at the photo library over their monumental put it mildly!

Yours forever chuffed!

Sock Eye Salmon

Josephine Posted: Aug 24th 2008

Here's the reason for & - and the ANP's - special place in my heart!

squigly Posted: Aug 24th 2008

I don't have very much other than the DVDs (and two sets of the original 3 shorts in VHS), a small gromit plush from the late 90's, a few old calendars from about the same time period, a kid's meal toy of in the wrong trousers, and a large like the one in the back of MM93's pic up top and in Kieran's next to the large - my sister found it at a church thrift shop in 1999 or 2001. I also picked up the Art of COTWR and Creating 3-D Animation (blue cover) books this year after reading about them in the forums. I think I also have a few Chicken Run kid's meal toys but can't remember where I put them or what they are. That's about it.:)

Fish Posted: Aug 24th 2008

AWESOME, Josephine!! You must have been chuffed to a zillion mintballs to get that!!:O|-)

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