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Josephine Posted: Aug 24th 2008

Hi there, squigly! How are you?!?!?!

I'm loving this thread because it is fascinating to see and know what's out there with W&G and to discover how we all came by our beloved collectables. You gave me some inspiration, squigly - I'll go to my parish's Christmas Fair to see if there's anything W&G related I can pick up!

WE ALL LOVE 'EM TO BITS DON'T WE??!?!?!?!?!??!

Josephine Posted: Aug 24th 2008

Sorry, Fish, my friend! My reply to squigly jumped in after yours.

Yes, I'm mega mintball chuffed about that treasured, cherished artwork by The ANP himself. It's above my desk for a reason - it has been on my bedroom wall etc. but the most appropriate place is on the wall above my desk at home, nestling amongst my framed postcards, a small Van Gogh print of one of his "starry, starry nights", religious icons and quirky proverbs.


They make me smile and give me energy to carry on when I'm down! |-)

Sock Eye Salmon

Fish Posted: Aug 24th 2008

That's so true, isn't it? These kinds of lovely images give us strength and courage! For that same reason I've got W&G posters all over my home office - plus a W&G calendar, and a basket of plush shaking bunnies from COTWR on one shelf. I've also got a poster called "All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir" and a few other religious icons and most likely just as quirky proverbs as you've got on your walls. :D Oh yes - on another shelf where I can see it is my beloved Fleeced game!:)

squigly Posted: Aug 25th 2008

sigh....Fish, I remember when you posted that message about ordering the Fleeced game online and getting a signed copy! I think I asked you how much you paid to get it shipped to the US. I had been reading the forum threads for about a month or so but I think that was the first time I posted a message. lol...and there have been many more since then!

Sockeye!! I do believe we were typing our messages at the same time. I hope it didn't seem like I was ignoring you. I didn't realize that two of your messages had slipped in before my message actually posted. lol. BTW, that is a great personalized memento you got there from ANP. I would be chuffed to a lifetime of mintballs if I had gotten something like that! Somebody knows you're special!

Harry Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Hello Squidderz.. how are you today? I have just been watching TV in bed.. Ahhhhh Great! is it night where you are? I am not the best collecter for Aardman things. Last night I went to bed watching Creature Comforts and making a character! Its not detailed yet though, I have the shape and the legs and feet, no toes yet. Im thinking about making a cat. I am going to change my picture to someone/thing farmiliar (conty experience) well. I think I might be going out today, maybe to the beach for some Fish and Chips, dont worry I wont be eating any of us lot! or I might be going to the hills where its very rocky and there its great for climbing, I will maybe take some pictures. Well have a fab day.

squigly Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Harry the Haddock!!! Are you doing swimmingly well? Yes, it's still Sunday night here, nearly midnight and I should be going to sleep soon. Did you ever do your purple or brown? Not an Aardman collector? I'm surprised. But, I'm not really a collector myself. I just happen to receive a hodge podge of things every now and then. Wish I had that so out-of-reach Fleeced game! Well, hope you have a wonderful summer day outdoors!|-)

Rebel Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Hi squigly it me jodyblue1

squigly Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Hi JB1. Where have you been? Haven't seen you around here in about....two or three months? Why'd you change your account name?

Ursrut Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Well it's a bank holiday here so the weather traditionally isn't supposed to be that good. But i hope it is sunny where you are Harry and enjoy.

Harry Posted: Aug 25th 2008

I do have a few bits and bats of Wallace and Gromit things, I have Cracking Animation (Blue) W&G annuals, the 1989 small figures of Wallace, Gromit, Preston and Shaun and a few more bits and bats, its not really counted as Summer here hehe, Rainy weather or Miserable weather.

Rebel Posted: Aug 25th 2008

I was banned for life off here but im realey sorry

Harry Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Why were you banned for life?

Rebel Posted: Aug 25th 2008

I had a argument with some one lets just forget about it ok

squigly Posted: Aug 25th 2008

g'nite everyone...i'm signing off now.|-)

Rebel Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Oh ok bye

Harry Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Good Night Squidders, have a good long nap!

Josephine Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Oh, squidders and Fish! I had a bit of a sleep, woke up to a nice cup of tea and read your replies. You are very, very kind.

One of those framed Irish proverbs is positioned right above another treasured photograph - that of an Irish radio and television broadcaster I really admire: Gay Byrne. The proverb goes: "A whisper in Nora's ear is as good as a shout from the highest hill".

Oh, yes! I remember what you went through to get "Fleeced", Fish, and I'm chuffed to incalculable mintballs that you have the game signed by ANP! What a treasure indeed! I'm waiting until Christmas (planning ahead but not wishing my life away!) I find "Fleeced" under the tree, and - God willing - a copy of A Matter of Loaf and Death...thats IF it comes out soon after it is shown on BBC.

Yours forever chuffed - anyone for a swim?
Sock Eye Salmon


Harry Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Sock Eye...Do you have that drawing with the writing next to it then, bet you keep that safe! Very lucky to have that you are so keep it nice and safe, bet you were Chuffed to a Zillion Mintballs when you got it, no reason not to be, I am making a funny model now, Might put it on Pictures of Models you have made.

Diveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bombb!!!

Josephine Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Worry not, Harry! The drawing is very safe indeed! ;)

Watch out, Phelps! The fish are coming!!!!!


Harry Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Cracking, if that got damaged where would the Chuffed Mintballs of gone! Dissapeared. But no no no, not if its in Josiphenes the Mighty's hands! ohh Josiphene can keep it in her back pocket and fly to space keeping it safe, She can keep it safe in a burning fire... But ohh Josiphene choses to be Safe! and Josiphene the Mighty! keeps in in her house! Safe and Sound! where no DIVE BOMBS or little Chuffed Mintballs can get t it, talking abound Dive bombs...


Fish Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Hi everyone! Today is my day off, and I've slept in and haven't been online all morning. I suspect Squigly is still asleep, since it lots earlier in that part of the planet. But it is late afternoon or early evening for those of you dwelling on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean from me.:O Isn't it WAY cool how we can all go swimming together without worrying about the space/time continuum??8):D

Joel the pole Posted: Aug 25th 2008

yeah i've got a picture of gromit hand drawn by nick park as well

DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Hey everybody

squigly Posted: Aug 26th 2008


whoa...wasn't that Phelps zooming by?

StuartRead Posted: Aug 26th 2008

Last time I counted my W&G collection was in the low thousands, but grows on an almost weekly basis, when I see something W&G I have to get it. Luckily in our house we have a walk-in attic, so easy to store everything. People are quite amazed when they see the scale of it.

Do you guys have a particular favourite item? Mine is the W&G Chess set that was released a while ago, I've been told it is quite rare, about 500 produced, may be less than that. Some of the Christmas W&G stuff I love too - like the Shaun the Sheep Christmas tree topper!

Josephine Posted: Aug 26th 2008

D'you know what, Harry, old fruitgum? If I was asked "If there was a house fire, what would you rescue?" that W&G sketch by ANP would fit in the bag with my other W&G collection.

Like you, StuartRead, if I see something of Aardman/W&G whether it is new or in a charity shop it's bought - simple as that! My favourite item - the sketch, of course, but I love all the stuff, including my pyjama case which travels with me everywhere and will be packed away for my hols... complete with passport ;)

Joel the Pole - if you can, please could you upload your sketch from the hallowed hands of the ANP?

Ta very glad!

Sock Eye Salmon

PS: I was in Stockport today and I spotted the were - shopping in Sainsbugs!

Josephine Posted: Aug 26th 2008


Yelps, it's Phelps!!!! Let's zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooommmmmmmm!!!!!

Joel the pole Posted: Aug 26th 2008

sure i'll do it as soon as possible

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 28th 2008

I love this thread :) There's some fantastic collections out there - well done everyone.

I couldn't compete with you all, but I have to say my most useful (and therefor favourite) items are my tea caddy and Gromit mug. I drink so much tea they are always close at hand!

kieran Posted: Aug 28th 2008

i have got the pg tips gromit mug but i refuse to use it in case anything happens to it so it is just on display with all the other w and g stuff.

jordan Posted: Aug 28th 2008

i got 2 of those lol and 2 of those w&G tea caddys

Chocachoc Posted: Aug 28th 2008

I have a w&g mug that I won. Its sitting on display now :D

Rebel Posted: Aug 28th 2008

Ive got now just over 640 I am obsest with W&G!

Ursrut Posted: Aug 28th 2008

I broke my first gromit cup and was most upset so my mum and dad got another one for me. I still have the broken one and the the other one i got, although i wont use it.

kld loves wallace Posted: Aug 28th 2008

silly ursrut for broken your first one:'(

Ursrut Posted: Aug 28th 2008

well actuallly it got dropped and not by me.

Josephine Posted: Aug 28th 2008

How do, Katie - fellow tea belly! Yiptahootie!!!

Hope you've caught up with the Tea topic, too!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 29th 2008

@everyone with W&G mugs - keeping them for 'display purposes only' seems a very sound idea. I have seen many casualties in Aardman office where Gromit has gone through the dishwasher as lost all the colouring from his nose :(

@Josephine - see you on the tea thread :)

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 29th 2008

The noses are terrible - just look in a charity shop and you're pretty likely to find a Gromit mug... with hardly any paint on the nose.

Chocachoc Posted: Aug 29th 2008

The one time I used my mug so far i washed it by hand. I don't like dishwashers.

Ursrut Posted: Aug 29th 2008

i saw one the other day and was horrified to see that gromit had gained colour, Black eyes and his ears were really black.

Josephine Posted: Aug 29th 2008

Yiptahootieeee, Katie! Saw you there at the Tea topic and I'm chuffed to mintballs to know you love your tea, too!!!

There's nowt like it!

Those mugs sound impractical - such a pity :-( they go haywire in the wash. Here's hoping there will be a fresh lot of beakers/mugs (make them bucket sized, Aardman - just like my sister's dalek one!) and other merchandise, such as oven gloves, T-Shirts, socks etc. hitting the shops soon...

The undertakers who buried my W&G fan dad (RIP) had a mug with Nick and Fetcher - the mice from "Chicken Run" - on their desk saying "a pleasure doing business with you!" - it lifted the mood...

Yours forever chuffed
Sock Eye Salmon

crackingcheese Posted: Aug 31st 2008

Oh sorry to hear about your dad Josephine:(.Oh well at least he had a nice Wallace and Gromit and a nice Chicken Run collectible at the end.:(

Josephine Posted: Aug 31st 2008

It's been five years since my dad died and I still miss him, crackingcheese - especially when & are on telly! Thank you for your kind thoughts 0:)

My dad was buried wearing his favourite W&G tie and he would have giggled at the undertaker's "Chicken Run" mug!

Yours forever keeping the faith
Sock Eye Salmon

Ursrut Posted: Sep 1st 2008

Like the new avatar Josephine.
I saw a wallace and gromit tie the other day.

squigly Posted: Sep 1st 2008

All this reminds me of something Tower Records used to print in their newsmag...

They asked a question something like "If you were stuck on a desert island, what five albums would you want to have with you?"

Gives me an idea to start a thread (MY VERY FIRST THREAD)|-)

Josephine Posted: Sep 1st 2008

Thank you, Ursrut :D I was skimming through some images provided by a well-known search engine and came across this one which is the famous HMV picture with our clever canine friend . I loved my previous avatar, though, and will use it again in the future.

Congratulations on your first discussion topic, squigly, old friend :) ! What a brilliant idea to set the ball rolling!

I'm still thinking about whittling down my choice to 5 items. Not easy! See you there in, when my mind's made up...

Sock Eye Salmon

PS: Were they new ties or vintage ones, Ursrut? My dad had 4 ties, was buried in one and my dear friend has one with "A Close Shave" theme!

Your avatar looks pretty cool,too! ;)

Geogromit Posted: Sep 1st 2008

I have one of the biggest collections in the world!

Geogromit Posted: Sep 1st 2008

And there's more than this too!
Including over 60 ties!

Harry Posted: Sep 1st 2008

Do you have the Rare Wallace and Gromit Chess set there! at the back in the checkered case!

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