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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 26th 2007

Nick Park has brought out an exciting new board game, "Fleeced",starring Wallace & Gromit (plus a few other familiar faces) in a sheep rustling adventure. Due to hit shops in mid-November, it promises to be a hit in the run up to Christmas!

You can order your copy online from Corgi by clicking here

Rustling is rife in the countryside surrounding West Wallaby Street, forcing worried sheep to take refuge all over town. Work your way around the streets, seeking out those fugitive sheep. Rustle them from their hideouts, or from other players, and herd them in long lines safely back home. But beware! Sheep rustling's a gamble! The more sheep you rustle - the more other rustling rascals will have their greedy eyes on your flock.

The game is suitable for 2-6 players aged 8 years and over and includes the following content:

• 1 x Game Board
• 6 x Character pieces
• 6 x Sheep whistles
• 1 x Sheep dip bag
• 40 x Sheep pieces
• 50 x Cheese cards
• 7 x Sheep hideout cards

Nick Park will be attending the following stores to sign copies of this fantastic board game!

Saturday, 24th November - Hamleys, London. 1:00-3:30pm
Saturday, 1st December - Forbidden Planet, Bristol. 1:00-2:00pm

connor gorman Posted: Oct 26th 2007

WOWWWWW Great A Board Game How Much Will It Be Great

jordan Posted: Oct 26th 2007

o wow new plasticine wendoline and preston and feathers cool! nice to see they have made a brief comeback, i had an inckling they might one day, but thought it may not happen and it has, well this has cheered me up today.

and i just realised prestons no longer a robot!!!

kieran Posted: Oct 26th 2007

can you buy the game in the shops!!!

kieran Posted: Oct 26th 2007

will nick park be coming anywhere near leicester because i would love to meet him.

Harry Posted: Oct 26th 2007

Well Thats On My Christmas List!

conty Posted: Oct 26th 2007

please can you tell me what times will nick be doing the signing in bristol?

wag-fan-yay Posted: Oct 27th 2007

i so want that game:Dit's nice to see that wendoline,preston and feathers are back!!!!

connor gorman Posted: Oct 27th 2007

Will Nick Be Signing In Liverpool

Dr_Indigo Posted: Oct 27th 2007

Cool. Which Hamleys in London?

Josephine Posted: Oct 27th 2007

Will he be anywhere near the Trafford Centre? I want to book a place for my sleeping bag!

kieran Posted: Oct 28th 2007

can you tell nick park to come somewere closer to leicester please.

Douglas Hart Posted: Oct 29th 2007

got it for christmas

Avesie Posted: Oct 29th 2007

wow tha;)t looks really exciting. Ican't wait until it comes out!!

bigballbubblehead Posted: Oct 30th 2007

awesome im getting it lol look at preston in the pic he looks funny :D

bigballbubblehead Posted: Oct 30th 2007

how much how much how much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 30th 2007

Hi everyone, we will post more information when Nick has confirmed what times he will be doing the signings. At the moment he is only going to be in Preston, London and Bristol. If any additional dates are added I'll let you know.

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 30th 2007

Hey! I thought Preston was dead. did Wendoline buy a new, nicer dog and call it Preston?

kieran Posted: Oct 30th 2007

i would love to meet nick park but

london and bristol are to far.

can he come closer to leicester

Hutch Posted: Oct 31st 2007

Umm,i thourt Fleeced was all ready relased it said in the wallace and gromit annual 2007.

Jake Posted: Oct 31st 2007

wallace wiy do you have a new bisnise

Jake Posted: Oct 31st 2007

I am yor bigist fan love jake for wallace

Jake Posted: Oct 31st 2007

I love you for wallace and gromit

Jake Posted: Oct 31st 2007

I hate preston

Jake Posted: Oct 31st 2007

i love all of you

Jumping Jack Flash Posted: Oct 31st 2007


Now I know, what I can put on my whishing list for my godparents (from Bristol) for Xmas. Perhaps even with a signature of Nick Park.

Great, let's play a game...

springwizard Posted: Oct 31st 2007

Dang,You Brits are so LUCKY what about me,the American,where do I get mine? Would I have to order mine online. It's a :'( shame that none of your merchandise is availible to American fans.

kieran Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

is nick park still going to london because the dates have gone.

bigballbubblehead Posted: Nov 3rd 2007

please delete darrels comments!

Fish Posted: Nov 4th 2007


I have ordered W&G stuff from the UK. It takes awhile to get to me, and shipping costs LOTS, but I've gotten everything I've ordered. I've preordered Fleesed from Forbidden Planet.

anti-pesto Posted: Nov 4th 2007

Aardman staff please 4 our safety delete Darrels comment

StuartRead Posted: Nov 4th 2007

I agree, Katie please delete Darrel's comments - they aren't suitable for the forum

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 5th 2007

Darrel - for your safety and other members' I have deleted your messages - they are not appropriate for this forum.

In the house rules it specifies that you should not give out your personal details or ask anyone else for theirs.

Please don't do this again, otherwise we will have to ban your account. Thank you.

doug-bob-emo-pants Posted: Nov 5th 2007

dat looks :-(|)well kl i will just ahv 2 get it:D

hop2it Posted: Nov 5th 2007

how much will it be???

Jumping Jack Flash Posted: Nov 7th 2007

Hi hop2it

As Fish already mentioned the shop "Forbidden Planet Megastore".
If you look over Forbidden Planet you search for "Fleeced".

Nick Park will be signing copies of his first boardgame Fleeced!
Saturday 1st December, 1-2pm:
Bristol Megastore, Unit 4, Clifton Heights, Bristol, BS8 1ED

You can pre-order your signed copy, it must be placed before 12pm on Friday 30th November 2007.

Today where the prices at Forbidden Planet like this:
Regular Price: £24.99
Forbidden Planet Price: £19.99 include V.A.T. (28.71 €)
Expected Delivery Date to the warehouse: 15/12/2007
I think delivery is extra.

When you search for other shops with google you can look for: Fleeced "Wallace and Gromit" -Golden
I found over the internet the following dates for signing in other shops:
Preston: (Venue TBC) on the 17th of November
London: Hamleys on the 24th of November

I'm not belonging to Forbidden Planet Megastore and
not belonging to Aardmann Staff...
..but as Mr.Bean is saying:
...I like it anyway...

And I will get the game over to Germany.

Greatings to the Aardman Staff-Team.
If you don't like Links from Shops in your Forum, let me know.

Good night up there in Britain.
Good night Wallace&Gromit

Jake Posted: Nov 8th 2007


kieran Posted: Nov 8th 2007

To Aardman staff

what are the times for the Wallace and gromit nick parks signings in London and where is it!

Jumping Jack Flash Posted: Nov 9th 2007

Hi kieran

As I wrote before the signing will probably be in
London at Hamleys on the 24th of November.

I found this via Internet:
188-196 Regent Street W1
London W1B 5BT
(Travel: Piccadilly Circus Tube)
Telephone: 0800 2802 444


I haven't found a time...yet

Mibso Posted: Nov 9th 2007

Cant wait!


Mibso Posted: Nov 9th 2007

Where in Preston is Nick Park signing? Thanks.

Mibso Posted: Nov 10th 2007

And what time? Thanks, can't wait!

kieran Posted: Nov 11th 2007

Thanks (Jumping Jack Flash) for telling me where it is but i wounder what time it is.

ChesterTheSnake Posted: Nov 11th 2007




Jumping Jack Flash Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Hello kieran, or others

To ask for the time of signing at Hamleys in London:
If there is no response comming from the Aardman Staff-Team
just write an e-mail to or use
the contact-page:

If you know the answer, please inform the others here in the forum.

Best greatings from Germany...

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 12th 2007

hello everyone, sorry it's taken a while for an update and thanks to Jumping Jack Flash for helping out. Here's an update on board game signings:

Bristol at Forbidden Planet from 1-2pm on the 1st of December. Check out the website for more details:

The signing in London at Hamleys has been planned for 1-3pm on November 24th, although the times are still to be confirmed. We will let you know if there are any alterations.

Unfortunately due to time constraints the Preston even is no longer going ahead.

Mibso Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Sorry, but I REALLY wanted to meet the almighty Nick! I guess my life isn't meant to be good :'(:'(:'(

Fish Posted: Nov 12th 2007

You life is definitely meant to be good, Mibso. Sorry you are so disappointed!! I'm WAY over in America and I can't meet him either. :-( But you never COULD happen, someday.

dan123 Posted: Nov 13th 2007

Who's darrel

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