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ChesterTheSnake Posted: Nov 27th 2007

is small and dumpy like me. is much slimmer.

Wouldn't it be fun, if there were alot of people in different and Character costumes and we could play Fleeced on a life size board.:D

What does Aardman think of the idea.:-(|)

Josephine Posted: Nov 27th 2007

A spiffing idea, Chessster! For the idea to bear fruit, itlooks like we are going to need considerably more sheep!

Mibso Posted: Nov 28th 2007

I smell a gathering...

I'm thinking i guessed right?


the crackers gromit Posted: Nov 28th 2007

dear mibso, ?

Mibso Posted: Nov 29th 2007

Dear me what?


Maxime Posted: Nov 29th 2007

Where can I buy the game in the United States? Or on line in US$...

bamboo27 Posted: Dec 1st 2007

ITS SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W&G ARE SIMPLE THE BEST DUM DUM DUM DUM BETER THAN ALL THE REST DUM DUM DUM DUM

conty Posted: Dec 1st 2007

i went to the signing today in bristol and it was fab, to meet nick park!!!! he really is as nice as everyone says, he signed some pictures of models that i have made, and wrote a lovely comment on them, he also signed a couple of books and of coarse the new game fleeced

ive played the game and its really good, thought it might of been childish, but its not at all, its great fun, russling sheep, and had a laugh playing it:)

ive had a great day, one to remember:D

conty Posted: Dec 1st 2007

i went to the signing in bristol today and it was brilliant, got to meet nick park and he is as lovely as people say, he signed some of my models that i have made and had some really nice comments for me, he also signed some books and of coarse the game fleeced and i had my picture taken with him, it was fantastic:D

i have played the game fleeced and its really different and not at all babyish, its very funny russling sheep, get it on your christmas list, you'll love it

Go W&G Posted: Dec 1st 2007

cool Boardgame!will it be available in Australia??

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 1st 2007

Wow! A board game! Looks good!

Josephine Posted: Dec 1st 2007

Chessssster! I forgot to ask you! Did you take any pix of yourself and the Almighty Nick? Or are you still on cloud 9 after your encounter with the Plasticine Guv'nor and forgot to pick the photos up from Boots? :D

no1fan Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am definitly putting that on my christmas list!!!!!! And i'm determened i'm going to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no1fan Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

GO W&G! you are from Australia!!!! I lived there for three years and then we came back a year ago! and i most certainly DO NOT want to go back but my mum does

ChesterTheSnake Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

We took a video of Nick signing the games we bought at Hamleys on my childs PSP:D. We went to Bristol and a nice lady:-X from Aardmans took two pictures on my childs PSP. She had to take a second one, coz on the first it looked like I was sulking:-(. (I HATE:-| having my picture taken). so won't be showing it on any forum>:-).
And we saw him for a few minutes in the managers office, before anyone else.:-(|)>:-) and he signed our games first:O:D. LOL

Nick did say, if any of the whistles out of the game don't work properly there is an address on Aardmans website you can write to.

Josephine Posted: Dec 2nd 2007

Hi, Chesssster! I also hate having my picture taken - I'd rather be behind a camera than in front of it. Aren't you glad you went to London???!!!???!!!

The Almighty Nick takes a good picture,though,doesn't he?

In common with the Almighty NP, I struggle with the definition of stuff such as "blog"... but a PSP? I might kick myself to discover that it is something obvious...duh!

About the whistles...if they don't make any noise, p'raps they are dog whistles

chez723 Posted: Dec 3rd 2007

Have you noticed....

Petedude72 Posted: Dec 3rd 2007

I saw Nick on Saturday in Bristol - he was really nice!
Then an Evening Post photographer took my photo and I was going to be in the paper today, but they took a pic of someone else and used that instead :(

Still, it was a great experience!

Petedude72 Posted: Dec 3rd 2007

concon Posted: Dec 3rd 2007

ChesterTheSnake Posted: Dec 4th 2007

Hi Josephine.

No they aren't dog whistles, tried them on the dogs next door. Nothing happened. LOL

I think NP looks better in real life than in pictures.:-(|)

Josephine Posted: Dec 4th 2007

Thanks for the info, Chester! It's good to know that, when I play the game on Christmas Day, my border collie will be happy rounding up the sheep and not be affected by noisy whistles!

Will the game be available in Manchester, at all? I hope so...or else I'll have to go to Stockport and not only look up the ancient legend of the Were-Rabbit (ref: Page 113 - storyboard illustration in "The Art of Curse of the Were-Rabbit") but also buy "Fleeced"! Double the fun!

I thought "Were-Rabbit" was on BBC One during Christmas 2007? P'raps it's on next year instead - if that's the case, we will be well prepared for a double bill of & in 2008. I looked in the Radio Times listings for the film highlights but nothing doing, I'm afraid - maybe there will be repeats of their first three's a bit like Morecambe and Wise - no Christmas without the dynamic duo!

I hope you'll be wishing Nick P warm wishes for this birthday on Thursday, Chester! I've already done so on these pages...but I'll do it again on December 6th!

Tisha_Leva Posted: Dec 5th 2007

Привет всем!
Мы из России! Нас зовут Тиша и Лёва - мы старшие братья. Нам 12 и 8 лет. Еще у нас есть три сестры. Нам всем очень нравится Громит и Уоллес, конечно!
Спасибо Нику Паркеру большое за хороших друзей.
Надеемся, что на этом форуме мы сможем с кем нибудь поболтать по русски.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 5th 2007

hi tisha_leva thank you for your message. It is nice to hear about wallace and gromit fans in russia! Unfortunately, we can only allow english forum posts at the moment - otherwise it is very difficult to moderate. As an alternative, you could use to translate your messages into English?

hi tisha_leva благодарит вас для вашего сообщения. Славно услышать о вентиляторах wallace и gromit в России! Несчастливо, мы можем только позволить английские столбы форума в настоящее время - в противном случае очень трудно умерить. Вы смогли всегда пытаться для того чтобы перевести ваши сообщения в английскую язык?

Josephine Posted: Dec 5th 2007

Welcome, Tisha_Leva!

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 6th 2007

Welcome, Tisha_Leva! Welcome!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 7th 2007

Hi everyone, if you're interested in reading a review of Fleeced (or want to write one yourself) follow this link:

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 7th 2007

Thanks, Katie. I'll do that right now!

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 7th 2007

Yeah, who's Darrel. And, Katie, is Fleeced coming out in Newton Mearns in Scotland? I would LOVE Fleeced for Christmas.

Mibso Posted: Dec 7th 2007

Mibso Posted: Dec 7th 2007

Also, Mark the shark,

You could get it at a good toy store near you, possibly if you have Argos in Scotland it might be there, I haven't yet checked, so I really don't know!

navy17395 Posted: Dec 8th 2007


Gelert Posted: Dec 9th 2007

geraldine Posted: Dec 10th 2007

Hi. I'm having trouble getting hold of this game in time for xmas. Any ideas?

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 10th 2007

Thanks very much, Mibso. That's really kind of you to help me!;)

Mibso Posted: Dec 11th 2007

Hi Geraldine,

You could have a look on Amazon, eBay or something!
Here is a link to the site on amazon where you could get it.

Mibso Posted: Dec 11th 2007

No problem, too, Mark the shark!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 12th 2007

Hi Geraldine, you could also try Forbidden Planet shops - I think they are out of stock on the website, but you could check to see if you have a local stor:

Josephine Posted: Dec 12th 2007

Unfortunately, no Forbidden Planet in Manchester or Stockport ... and Liverpool is a good way away, too! Fear not! I am like a dog with a bone I won't rest until I get a hold of "Fleeced"...

Josephine Posted: Dec 12th 2007

...and & are on BBC ONE over Christmas 2007...yiptahootie! ...and Creature Comforts on the ITV digital channels.... more yiptahootie!

Fish Posted: Dec 12th 2007

I just got an email from Forbidden Planet saying that I will be sent a Fleeced Game signed by Nick Park! I am SO happy!|-)

I am in America, and I didn't know it was even possible for me to have a signed copy! YAY!!!!!!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 14th 2007

The Collector Zone also have copies and can ship in the UK, Europe and the US:

eragon09 Posted: Dec 18th 2007

Is the game available in the USA? I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:'(

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 19th 2007

Calm down, eragon09. I'm sure it'll go to USA! I was concerned if it was coming to Scotland.

Mibso Posted: Dec 19th 2007

eragon09, you need it really badly? It shouldn't be much to buy online to ship to USA. eBay or Amazon or any of the shops some of the members and staff have listed above should help you! Don't get excited too much, or Feathers McGraw will come and get you!

Fish Posted: Dec 19th 2007


Mibso is right - I am in America and I got my game today. You can order it online from Forbidden Planet...really!

squigly Posted: Dec 23rd 2007


How much did you end up paying to ship to US?

Checked our Fleece listed. eBay had three listings through their eBay Stores. All running about US$40, not including shipping and all coming from the UK.

Just curious.

Fish Posted: Dec 24th 2007


It cost GBP£36.99, or $75.35 (American)for the game and shipping. Pricey - but definitely worth it to me!

jack2468 Posted: Dec 25th 2007

I really love that picture:)

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