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dachappell Posted: Jun 25th 2008

I know in the next film (the one that Aardman are making now) of W&G they are making it digitally with stopmotion pro. But what camera are the using to connect to the software? is it acailable? and how much?;)

jordan Posted: Jun 25th 2008

the cameras probly are something like £30,000+

cinders1 Posted: Jun 30th 2008

what!!!!! blimey jordan £30,000 for each camera?:O

jordan Posted: Jun 30th 2008

i dunno probley! lol the big ones on the exstendable boom rigs etc.

cavor Posted: Jul 13th 2008

It will probably be something similar to what was used on Tim Burtons Corpse Bride Film I don't think they were that expensive

Hi All:D

cinders1 Posted: Jul 13th 2008

hi cavor havent seen you around for a while, any new fantasic drawings for us?:)

cavor Posted: Jul 15th 2008

Sorry been busy with life, maybe I will have to do a picture of W & G at the seaside .....if I get time.

I hope conty enjoys his little Music excursion:D

cinders1 Posted: Jul 16th 2008

he did text me yesterday, sounds like hes having a good time, but i cant wait for him to get home |-) a drawing on the beach sounds good;)
by the way i picked contys brains and the cameras are no where near as expensive as jordan suggests;)

jordan Posted: Jul 16th 2008



cinders1 Posted: Jul 16th 2008

im sure aardmans will announce what camera they are using when they are ready;)

jordan Posted: Jul 16th 2008

DSLR Stills camera? with the SFH-30 milo rig

jordan Posted: Jul 16th 2008

they say they prefer the big films on 35mm mitchell cameras


jordan Posted: Jul 16th 2008

Canon DLSR

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 17th 2008

I've managed to find out from the super-duper people in our Production Technology Department:

Canon EOS 1D MkIII cameras with Zeiss and Nikon prime lenses.
The cameras are roughly £2.5k without lens.

Hope that helps!

jordan Posted: Jul 17th 2008

yippie i was right somehow

cavor Posted: Jul 17th 2008

The same cameras as Tim Burtons production crew used in the Corpse Bride then:D

jills Posted: Sep 21st 2008

There is some interesting tech info about it on the SMP website:

cinders1 Posted: Sep 24th 2008

nice link jills, and a lovely pic of ross, hes such a lovely bloke;) the video should be put on this site. it would be great for the beginners|-)

jills Posted: Sep 24th 2008

I think I should put that on general chat, perhaps, you're right, cinders1, it would likely be useful for quite a few people.

plasjas Posted: Sep 25th 2008

i thought they still used 35mm mitchell cameras

jills Posted: Sep 25th 2008

There seems to be some conflicting information... but it sounds like it's all digital..?

cinders1 Posted: Sep 26th 2008

it is jills, ive seen the camera|-)

jills Posted: Sep 26th 2008

So they are not producing a "film" at all?

cinders1 Posted: Sep 26th 2008

hehe.. i suppose not;)

jills Posted: Sep 26th 2008

So much for AMOLAD collector film cells then :O

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