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GromitRules94 Posted: Aug 28th 2007

I totally miss Feathers and Wendolene.

They should be returned in some new movies.

Or maybe a relative of preston should seek revenge?

Anyone got any suggestions?

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 28th 2007

well 4 a start prestons not got that much 2 him and second i think that they will move on and create new characters

RowansLovesWAndG Posted: Aug 30th 2007

i like them but they should put new ones in they should do a reunion for all the characters that would be good

nathan Posted: Aug 31st 2007

was in the new film a bit he was in the pot on tottington hall when gromits flying past!

bushbyboy Posted: Sep 1st 2007

i say wendoline and feathers mcgraw should be in your next movie called wallace and gromit:wallace in a world of his own.ive wrote the bookn whats like a 100

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Mar 6th 2008

dont bring back or they would NOT suit it in the new ones!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 7th 2008

Please. Don't. They wouldn't fit.:-(

Harry Posted: Mar 7th 2008

I think it would be funny if you see wendolene holding feathers hand in the backround on the street carrying groceries! i can imagine it. and feathers being picky with a fish not just gobbling it down like a normal penguin!

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 7th 2008

Hehehe! That would be good Harry!;)

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