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Mcbennybob Posted: Oct 28th 2007

Hi Jordan! Could I please see one of your animations because I have always been looking forward to seeing your animations!!!!!
P.S.Do you think they are of aardman quality?

jordan Posted: Oct 28th 2007

i dont think there aardman top quaility just yet but there certainly very good than teh ones i first started with. there is a "cinema" section on my site which should have my animations on soon hope fully.

cavor Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

Hi jordon
just had a look at your website its looking fun, im with as well. I had hoped to have quick time mov's on my website but I found restrictions, I believe they just want you to up grade to a full account before allowing any decent upload size file.

how are you going about having your films on your website?

I had thought about going the youtub route but didn't like the poor quality i was getting.

I'm at

i've got my animations linked on zippy videos.

jordan Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

probley flash files, havent learned much flash yet , nice website too. let you know more when i do

jordan Posted: May 19th 2011

Where on earth did this reappear from lol :)

Gromits little bro Posted: May 20th 2011

Someone had spammed on it at the weekend ;)

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