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Squidgle Posted: Jul 21st 2008

Howdedoodle, I was just wondering whether anybody knew what the best camera is to use for animating?? Oh and also, what plastecine do people use? Thanks;)

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 24th 2008

dude im with you i need to know the same thing also some1 told me that newplast is good

Matt08 Posted: Jul 26th 2008

Like vidkid12 says, newplast plasticine is probably the best stuff to go for, if i'm not mistaken, the same stuff is used here at aardman.
Suitable cameras for animation? this is where I get stuck here... At the moment i'm relying on a trusty video camera with the ability to take digital stills. I place the digital stills into a software package (movie maker or premiere elements) and then speed up the clips as desired.
However, there are cameras out there that will record for set periods of time, for example, the SONY PD-170/PD-150 cameras I used on work experiance are professional broadcast quality cameras and so are expensive, but give good detail. These had a feature where you could set the time that the camera recorded to one quarter of a second.
From here, I just put the clips into a software package and sped the clips up as needed.

There are a number of ways you can film stop motion animation, you can even find old film cameras that will take frames knocking about at car boot sales every so often.

I find that it's best to use something you know how to work, something that you're comfortable with. From there, you'll be able to create animations in your own way

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 26th 2008

Okay thanx Matt08! i am currently using stop motion pro 6 trial version to test. And i plan to purchase it soon. Although i will only be getting the junior version, i still think it will be worth the money. So far i can only get a webcam to work for it. But i am trying to get my camcorder to work for it and also might buy a cheap digital camera for my stop animations.

cavor Posted: Jul 30th 2008

This earlier thread on Cameras might help

Hope this helps good luck:D

vidkid12 Posted: Aug 1st 2008

Yea i use a camcorder also. Thanx Cavor!

Squidgle Posted: Aug 2nd 2008

Thanks Matt08 and Cavor!!! Do you know wether the Newplast is really expensive???

animator45 Posted: Aug 2nd 2008


Its £1.40 a bar or £1.55 for the Rainbow pack.

BUT the postage is expensive so if you aregoing to buy it either buy a box of 20 bars direct from the factory about £28 (thanks Conty for that big of info:beaming:) or buy a reasonable ammout from a company called Chroma Colour.

Links- Chroma Colour

Factory website-

Harry Posted: Aug 2nd 2008

I got my Newplast from ChromaColour and I got 5 Blocks (including a Rainbow Pack) and it was just over £7 so that was a good deal. I will be buying from there again.

animator45 Posted: Aug 3rd 2008

What did you think about the rainbow pack?

Harry Posted: Aug 3rd 2008

I only got it to see what the colours were like, I dont think I will buy it again because all the colours mix together making it look messier.

animator45 Posted: Aug 4th 2008

yeah good idea i orderd a rainbow pack and it mizes the colours from the side.

I am just going to order a box of 20 bars from the factory that must be all of them.

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 4th 2008

i buy my plactercine from dominoes toy shop for £1.75

animator45 Posted: Aug 7th 2008

Were abouts do you live? Im just asking so i can find a dominoes toy shop in the uk.

person 1 Posted: Sep 3rd 2008

a good camera to get is the cannon HV20, you can connect it to your computer in hd and it has 24 fps.:D

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