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vidkid12 Posted: Jul 22nd 2008

Hey Guys. So I just made my first claymation which i personally don't think went as well as i wanted. Is there any tips for me for next time? To watch it, go to youtube and type in mstpenguin12 and you will find my claymation labeled "jclay"

Post a comment as soon as you can plz!

Matt08 Posted: Jul 26th 2008

Can't comment as i've forgotten my youtube password (silly me) but still managed to watch the video

After watching the video, I liked the humour involved with the character in the video, I'm guessing the general theme of the video was the character not being very lucky and using this bad luck as a comedic effect. I liked this aspect of the film, but there are a few improvements you could make.

My first suggestion would be to add more story so that the film flows better and each scene is directly linked.
This rule would not apply if you were doing some animation test sequences, for example, If you were to make your animation into a test sequence, you could seperate the clips by putting titles in between the clips saying "Walk Sequence #1 - Stairs" for example, this would give the video an overall more professional feel.
It would also help improve the smoothness of the animation if you made the movements of the characters smaller and took more pictures to make more frames per second. Getting this right is crucial. If you speed up the video too much, the film will look like it's being played in fast forward, if you play it too slow, the film will be very jittery.

While it may not seem like a good idea, you can achieve some very good effects with stop motion in silent film.
If you use claymation to re-enact some of the old 1920's black and white films with some old fashioned piano music, then a generally funny atmosphere can be achieved.
All said and done, the best way to improve is to practise, by practising and being critical (but not too negative) about your own work, you can find where you went wrong and why, correcting this next time.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work!

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 26th 2008

That was VERY helpful thank you so much for that comment. I am currently working on another stop animation and i hope it will be more successful. I will post it on youtube a.s.a.p! You can also visit my website at

to look at my videos. I would like to see some of your animations too as you seem very professional!

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