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Bmonsterboy Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

Hi, i am new to this place but i absolutly ADORE Wallace and Gromit.Can anyonegive me a date as to when the new moovie might be realesed??Any info much appreciated. Thanks.

jordan Posted: Jul 23rd 2008


Bmonsterboy Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

aww wat that sooooooooo far away:'( i also liv in australia 2 tghat mean it gunna be like easter for me

conty Posted: Jul 25th 2008

where did you hear that jordan?

jordan Posted: Jul 26th 2008

its been around for awhile now, on here and other websites

sims Posted: Aug 5th 2008

sims Posted: Aug 5th 2008

will it come out in queensland

sims Posted: Aug 5th 2008

if it comes out in queensland when will it : wallace3 gromit1 shaun

Harry Posted: Aug 5th 2008

Jordan I dont think it is Christmas Day.

I think it is in early December.

jordan Posted: Aug 5th 2008

i say christmas day or eve or boxing day most likly

CurlyWirley Posted: Aug 10th 2008

unless you can get the write date with the wright proff then you are both wrong

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 17th 2008

christmas days a bit much 4 people who have 2 spend time wiv their family

jordan Posted: Aug 18th 2008

i read online for AMOLAD merchandise on a website "this is released 2 months before the film airs on TV!" that said expected NOV , so the film is January??? i dont know now when its on!!!

kieran Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

why does every one presume that because they live in a different country that the film will be delayed it will come out winter this year and i presume it is the same for accross the world.

mr joe kidd Posted: Sep 9th 2008

Happypapy Posted: Sep 14th 2008

It's true that it comes out on a diffrent day if it comes from a diffrent part of the world!
It said on an American channel that Kung Fu Panda would come out in April but in Ireland it came July!
So you see that theory is true!!
Btw this is HappyPappy's sister!!!!!>:-)

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