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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 25th 2008

Good news for gaming fans....

Telltale Games is creating an episodic video game based on Aardman Animations' Oscar-winning animated film series titled "Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures."

                            Image provided by Telltale Inc

"We're certainly going for the clay look with this," Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors told The Associated Press. "Clay presents a challenge if you really get into the detail of it. For example, adding fingerprints in a medium where there aren't any is one of the discussions of how far we should go with the game's detail."

"Grand Adventures" will allow gamers to play as both Wallace and Gromit, engaging in zany entrepreneurial schemes and tinkering with kooky contraptions. Connors said "Grand Adventures" will feature more physical and situation-based comedy and would likely follow the distribution model of Telltale's episodic video game series "Sam & Max."

The characters previously appeared in the standalone games "Cracking Contraptions," "Project Zoo" and "Curse of The Were-Rabbit." Connors hopes the new take on "Wallace & Gromit" will be more true to the franchise than previous games.

"The other games captured the personality, but all you ended up doing was running through the world," said Connors. "It was a standard platform game. We feel like the gameplay should be more of an experience. You should be able to interact with the other characters and really feel like you're in the world of 'Wallace & Gromit.'"

Check back on Monday when we'll have more information, including screen shots and a teaser video for the game!

You will also be able to find information on Telltale's website at

Chocachoc Posted: Jul 25th 2008

What consoles will the game be for?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 25th 2008

You will be able to download the game in episodes from the Telltale website to play on your computer. Check out the Telltale website for other similar games. You can even try one for free if you sign up for their newsletter.

cjayp33 Posted: Jul 25th 2008

wow, this so great and looks better then the ps2 games we have had.

Anyway, i know you will be able to download the monthly? episodes, to play on your pc, but i was wondering if you could Katie, see if their is a chance that this would be comming to wiiware or Wii. thanks |-)

anti-pesto Posted: Jul 25th 2008

oh gd 4 them! im glad they have some new online games, the only 1 ive played is "pronto anti-pesto"

atwupack Posted: Jul 25th 2008

As Telltales' game "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People" will be released for PC and Wii, I guess this will be the same for W&G, too.
@katie: The term online game is perhaps a bit misleading. TTG games can be bought and downloaded online from the TTG website and you need to be online connection to register them. But the games themselves are pure offline games.

Chocachoc Posted: Jul 25th 2008

How much will it cost?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 25th 2008

@atwupak - I agree, amended! :)

I'll also see what else I can find out regarding wii compatibility/prices!

Chocachoc Posted: Jul 25th 2008


jordan Posted: Jul 25th 2008

another game ???????

cjayp33 Posted: Jul 25th 2008

thanks Katie |-)

wandgfan21 Posted: Jul 25th 2008

wow. that sounds great.

tcvondey Posted: Jul 26th 2008

how much will it cost? Will it be free?

666joshy666 Posted: Jul 27th 2008

Is Grand Adventures a real animated series? If so, where can I watch it?:D

kieran Posted: Jul 27th 2008

i think you download it of the website when it comes out but for the whole scoop such as pictures and clips go to this website below on Monday.

its going to be cool

xChri5x Posted: Jul 27th 2008

It's amazing how many people think these games will be free because they're being released through digital distribution.
I'd recommend trying out the free Demos of Sam & Max to get an idea of what gameplay will be like. I really don't even like to put Telltale's games (and Adventure Games in general) in the "Video Game" category because they are so much more then just a cheap thrill. They're games with a soul.
I suspect we're all in for an awesome treat

cinoa Posted: Jul 27th 2008

umm i dont see a game allowed

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 29th 2008

Hi guys, more information has now been released. You can check out the news story here:

Plus more inforamtion including an FAQ section on the Telltale website:

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