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cavor Posted: Nov 19th 2008

Sorry I didn't mean the set should be made of plasticene, I just ment you can fill your holes up with it

iantimothy Posted: Nov 19th 2008

what if it is like grass and cant be filled with plasticine

cavor Posted: Nov 20th 2008

Whats the grass made from?

Nofby Posted: Jan 2nd 2009



Chocachoc Posted: Jan 2nd 2009

Nice one nofby! I found my clothing puppet one too.

Purple&Brown Posted: Aug 4th 2009

for armatures, if you dont have cloth tape would it be better to use masking or no tape at all?

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 17th 2010

ok once i have made the armature do i just apply plastercine or do i have to do something with this mysterious foam i am hearing about?


thetopbun Posted: Oct 17th 2010

TipTopGolfy, you should add some wood or epoxy and then cover quite a bit of the armature in duct tape. Don't use foam with plastacine because sometimes it deforms badly.

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 19th 2010

oh thanks

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 24th 2010

Ok can someone please tell me what i need to do. I have a copy of Cracking Animation but am confused about all this foam latex stuff.

Should i follow these tutorial (i want to make plastercine models)


Dan paine Posted: Dec 19th 2011

how do yuo make a good are of eyes ;)

Bandersnatch Posted: Jan 25th 2012

i used bb bullets painted with tip-ex then simply put on black dots with marker pen or put black dots on beads thats how they did it with W&G

Bandersnatch Posted: Jan 25th 2012

does anyoneknow where i can getany wire for a cheapish prise

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 25th 2012

you can probably get it from you local hardware store ;)

Bandersnatch Posted: Jan 26th 2012

thx ill try that oh and sell eyes alongwith alotof other stuff

iantimothy Posted: Jan 28th 2012

I would not suggest a hardware store, because the wire you will want will be an armature wire, which you can buy at an art shop. No hardware store will have an annealed armature wire, so any wire you buy there will break after not too much movement, go with some sculpture armature, wire you can get it probably at any art or hobby store

Darthplatypus Posted: Jan 29th 2012

I make my armatures out of epoxy and 1/16 inch armature wire twisted together....
i got my wire from Amazon

iantimothy Posted: Jan 30th 2012

That is exactly what you want.

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