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Douglas Hart Posted: Oct 29th 2007

is the book wallace and gromit and the lost slipper valueble it was released in 1997

dan123 Posted: Oct 29th 2007


Hutch Posted: Oct 31st 2007


Josephine Posted: Oct 31st 2007

That book was given to me as a Christmas prezzie - I also have the cassette with the Lost Slipper -performed by Peter Sallis and Greth Armstrong It's really good

springwizard Posted: Nov 1st 2007

Lost slipper? Sounds like Cinderella to me. But Wallace is no "Prince Charming" By any means. LOL!

shaunisgr8 Posted: Nov 1st 2007

Hi springwizard! How are you?
Wallace certainly isn't a prince charming for every woman, maybe for Wendolene.

animation boy Posted: Nov 1st 2007

i would hold on to that.

All of the older wallace and gromit stuff (before they made their feature film) will be worth something in the next decade. 0:)

Josephine Posted: Nov 6th 2007

Yes - I collected small figures of , , , and from packets of Ty-phoo Tea in the mid 1990's - they were stuck onto the side of the boxes so it made it easy for me to pick out the figures I didn't have (I hasten to add that I also bought the packets of tea that they were stuck to). I was told that they are worth a couple of quid...but poor 's ear broke off and I stuck it back on. They used to decorate my desktop computer...And as for those pencil toppers - wow! They are well cool!

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