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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 29th 2008

Inventor and canine companion to join Telltale's lineup in new episodic series, "Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures"


Following up on last week's announcement of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Telltale, Inc., the leader in interactive episodic entertainment, has released a cinematic teaser trailer and new details about the project.

The upcoming game series based on Aardman Animations' Wallace & Gromit franchise is joining Telltale's all-star lineup, which includes the award-winning Sam & Max series and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, debuting soon on WiiWare and PC.

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures will combine the rich and imaginative storytelling the quirky inventor and his faithful canine sidekick are known for with the critically-acclaimed writing, fun gameplay, and unique TV-style format Telltale has pioneered. Assuming the roles of both Wallace and Gromit, players will spend each episode exploring a vivid world, assembling intricate contraptions, and getting the duo out of the sticky situations they frequently find themselves in. The new trailer, artwork, and additional information about the series can be found at

"Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures extends our vision for delivering new kinds of entertainment to everyone who enjoys a good story," says Telltale's CEO and co-founder Dan Connors. "Wallace & Gromit has a long history of entertaining people of all ages, and the world Aardman has created is rich with humor and storytelling possibilities. Our team has been enjoying the process of adapting this series for new audiences, and we look forward to reintroducing it to long-time fans in the episodic format that Telltale has been innovating."

Sean Clarke, Head of Marketing & Licensing at Aardman, adds: "Wallace and Gromit are much-loved characters with cross generational appeal who will work perfectly in this kind of game-playing environment. Telltale is a leading producer of interactive gaming and we are delighted to partner with them on this exciting new project."

Telltale's new series is one of several upcoming Wallace & Gromit releases. Later this year, the characters will return to TV with an all-new and original Aardman short entitled "A Matter of Loaf and Death." DVD compilations of the duo's best shorts to date are also coming soon from Aardman.

Wallace & Gromit fans interested in learning more about the type of games Telltale makes are invited to visit to download free demos.


Visit the Telltale website for more screenshots and concept art

Joel the pole Posted: Jul 29th 2008


MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Jul 29th 2008


Gelert Posted: Jul 29th 2008


luke-puke Posted: Jul 29th 2008


cjayp33 Posted: Jul 30th 2008

cool thanks |-)

Gromits_girl Posted: Aug 1st 2008

This is cool!

Gelert Posted: Aug 2nd 2008

wallace is a cracking chap

wandgfan21 Posted: Aug 2nd 2008

wallace and gromit game and a shaun the sheep game! makes me wonder about creature comforts games.

Inika_Unite77 Posted: Aug 6th 2008

Looks fun! Since its for PC and Wiiware, I'll probobly get it for PC because I don't have a wii...yet

joshua2 Posted: Aug 7th 2008

can you get it on ds ?

Sammy the lamb Posted: Aug 7th 2008

It's on pc! Thanks Katie.

whgudwns Posted: Aug 8th 2008

clone3 Posted: Aug 9th 2008

MUST GET ON Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait till this is out!
New W and G game!

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 11th 2008

the game looks so kwl but wheres pc macintosh?

wallaceandcheese Posted: Aug 11th 2008


niallswand Posted: Aug 11th 2008

where does it say wiiware and pc?! it's strong bad thats for PC and WiiWare, not wallace and gromit

"Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, debuting soon on WiiWare and PC."

anyway..what platforms IS this for?

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 11th 2008

i think it might be for computer and thats it but i dont know

clone3 Posted: Aug 14th 2008

Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get it on!

whgudwns Posted: Aug 20th 2008

Hi, I am a fan of Wallace and Gromit johyeongjun related video to show that I got mannaoh... There is a Wallace and Gromit-related video. And if you teach us where and to let us know where it's accurate responses Required. Waeyigeolbonaeneunyiyuneunyigeonteukdanuijochiipnida. Measure that did not notice them, so that responses are required. Gwaseo cotton fibers wrong if the (original) euljusilgeoteulbutakdeuripnida.

Mai Posted: Aug 24th 2008


This game sounds cool!!

But are there are wallace and gronmit games for DS???


Will this game co,me out on DS????

Thanx a lot!!



kieran Posted: Aug 24th 2008

im not sure but a shaun the sheep game is going on ds soon.

queenchoccy13 Posted: Aug 28th 2008

im so going to download it when it comes out for wii ware

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 30th 2008

yes yes yes i have a wii im im definatley goin to get it when it comes out but can saome1 plz tell me a little bit about the game thnx

BritishHobo Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

oh i really hope this is on WiiWare

Oakes Posted: Sep 3rd 2008

wen is it out agen? it might of sed above but i wernt reely paying attention. how much will it be? will there be violence like last two games? i hope there wil :D if not not too bad still, also, why, in project zoo could u only play as gromit? doo dee doo doo ty for listening to my random drivvle

Oakes Posted: Sep 3rd 2008

plz say wat other online games u play on, runescape, habbo, adventure quest, etc etc!

BritishHobo Posted: Sep 6th 2008

if they make it anywhere near as good as the Strong Bad game they made, it'll be amazing.

trunh Posted: Sep 7th 2008

cant wait there gonna put it on wiii ware

Oakes Posted: Sep 9th 2008

plz answer me someone :( doo dee doo doo. I KNOW A FACT ABOUT THE GAME!!!!!! A SECRET FACT!!!!! I WILL ONLY TELL U THE FACT IF U SAY , OAKES RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

gromitdoor Posted: Sep 20th 2008



plasjas Posted: Sep 23rd 2008

will this be out for ps3

Tempermental Posted: Sep 24th 2008

Will it be availible in the USA. I'm from there and I am dying to know.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 25th 2008

will you be able to get it on the xbox 360? thats what i want to know lol when is it coming out

Tempermental Posted: Sep 25th 2008

Makes 2 of us modelmaker93.

Robinho Posted: Sep 30th 2008

New game will be cracking, i've never heard of :Dsam & max;) befor:)e but i'm sure it'll be great

Oakes Posted: Oct 1st 2008

im sad, ive seen a spoiler and it sez that 10 people die in the film of matter of loaf and deth :( one of them we have seen before in a wallace and gromit film EEP WHO IS IT???? wallace? nah gromit? nah? wendoline perhaps?

Ursrut Posted: Oct 1st 2008

um if you saw a spoiler and were upset then please don't post it as you are doing the same for others.

taz1998 Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

want wait to see the new realise. its going to ya.

Zuzia Wicek Posted: Oct 3rd 2008

nice photos

hanwell footie Posted: Oct 4th 2008

is it a computer game a ps2 game a xbox game a ps3 game a wii game or a website game:D

Oakes Posted: Oct 6th 2008

ursrut i was just kidding you know duh noone can find spoilers, aardman hide them too well

Hater Posted: Oct 6th 2008

Found .exe , played, opened PF (program files), opened the folder... A good template for something (really it wasnt flash!) But my overall mark is... Ummm... 6/10, no bigger! Reason: playin SAMP for me better - but making online engine was hard (deleting many files)! I don't wanna post it! It's awfull! And... Oakes! Very funny:D
And don't try anything like me! I have a virus after all:'(

Hater Posted: Oct 6th 2008

Wanna find something in the game? Try to get X-Y-Z! Better to get only X-Z! When you got it or don't, if u don't, count the X to hundred (Z too), get pieces like 1 and count!It's a PC version, don't count on flash!

gromit9 Posted: Oct 12th 2008

Cool . and is it on ps2. Well if it is I just wish I just had it.

Inika_Unite77 Posted: Oct 12th 2008

Tell Tale Games is making tons of interesting games now. it started with Strong Bad's Cool Game For attractive People, and leads up to this! A new wallace and Gromit game! :D

Gromits_girl Posted: Oct 16th 2008

can you get it on DS? I don't have a PC (mine broke down) and I'm probbably not getting a Wii.

Oakes Posted: Oct 22nd 2008

oh my jeebus, i think im gonna have to sing....


Excuse Me, I apologise.

Adam_The_Time_Lord Posted: Oct 29th 2008

Hello looks grate i didnt know it is on PC coz i have
Doctor Who Top trumps Game
Lego Racers 2

that might be my 3rd game yet :D

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