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dan123 Posted: Oct 29th 2007

Hi all,

Post your thoughts of any W&G food items

concon Posted: Nov 18th 2007

gromit dog food

concon Posted: Nov 18th 2007

shaun the sheep bags of wool

ChesterTheSnake Posted: Nov 18th 2007

Wallace and Gromit Cheese.
They have other cartoon characters.

concon Posted: Nov 20th 2007

there all ready isand cheese

concon Posted: Nov 20th 2007


jodyblue1 Posted: Nov 20th 2007

there already is a shaun the sheep yogurt.
and there is w&g crackers

springwizard Posted: Nov 21st 2007

What I don't get is why you Brits are so lucky. Seems like WanG Merchandise should be avalible here in the USA. andHave American fans too,you know. You think they'd ship this stuff world wide. Like a Jar of Peanut butter labled "Middle Age Spread" would be something differnt. Or a Gromit-shaped cookie cutter by Wilton.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 28th 2007

Adventure Quest 111. That's what I'll call you now!;)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 10th 2008

springwizard - I have deleted your comment. We will not tolerate messages intended to offend other members of the forum, especially when they are totally unprovoked. If it happens again we will have to ban your account.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 11th 2008

Hello, Katie!:D

Secretagent Posted: Jan 26th 2008

Um...Katie,I have realised my mystake from my previous account as Springwizard. Hopefully,on this new account I'll try not to loose my temper again. I'll try to read the rules more carefully this time. Would you mind deleting my old account. I'm soooo embarrassed. You were right to say say that I was wrong.Truce????

gromitnhutch4ever Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

Mabye Feathers McGraw Penguin bars. Like p-p-p-p-pick up a penguin museum robber??????

gromitnhutch4ever Posted: Mar 2nd 2008

The and cheese is Wendsleydale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gromitnhutch4ever Posted: Jan 1st 2009

carrots, per chance?

are you my sheep Posted: Jan 6th 2009

oh just somthing simple genuine dog food (actully best not):-|

crackingtoast Posted: Jan 9th 2009

wallace and gromit bread,with wallace and gromits faces imprinted into each side of the loaf

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