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springwizard Posted: Nov 1st 2007

I'm doing a claymation cartoon fairytale that takes place "Once upon a time" In a castle "Far Far Away." Now in this castle there lives a very grouchy princess who,in fact,is so grouchy that she is the hardest person in the world to make laugh. "Whoever can make my daughter laugh....",proclaims the king,"Shall Wed her and be king." I need names for the king,queen,princess and her eight suitors. Whichever names I fancy the best will be the ones I use for my characters.

pat1 Posted: Nov 1st 2007

how about
pc nick nick - hes a bit of a comedian
pc lockup - got the best record of arrests
pc trungion - the violent one
pc disorderly - always messing things up

light foot - great at creaping around
wheeler dealer - always looking for the best deal
roger the lodger - the gay femine thief
the fence - yer main man

good luck with your claymation, hope it goes well:D

animation boy Posted: Nov 1st 2007

policemen plump- the fat one who easily gets out of breath

springwizard Posted: Nov 1st 2007

Not quite what I'm looking for ol' chum. Cute,yes,but not quite what I'm looking for. Keep trying though. Best of luck,duckies!:D

Harry Posted: Nov 3rd 2007

King: King Reverend Sparkle

Queen: Lady Margret Dish

Princess: Little Mancy Migget

Harry XD

springwizard Posted: Nov 4th 2007

Oh,I almost forgot! You know,there's a lady who owns the robbed jewelry store in the production. She needs a name too. She's a fragile,jittery granny who constantly worries that the worst is about to happen,she never seems to see a good side to any situation.

hop2it Posted: Nov 4th 2007

mrs stutterfrag

springwizard Posted: Nov 5th 2007

Tee Hee! Ooooh,you Brits are sooo funny. It's great be able to chat with people like you. You know how to cheer me up when I'm fealing down. Some Americans can be so RUDE! I used to be a member of a site,but those people were so anoyingly rude that I often got in trouble for Neorules that they broke instead of me,so I was FRAMED! Boy I'm glad I left that site.They're so MEAN! But You fellas are so jolly and easy-going,I may as well, be moving to the UK. eh? People over here can be so ANOYING!!!!

connor gorman Posted: Nov 9th 2007

mrs clatterberg

Harry Posted: Nov 9th 2007

Mrs. Snufflenose

springwizard Posted: Nov 10th 2007

Mrs. Clatterberg is actualy,would you belive,my Sunday school teacher's name. She's also the wife of the viccar at the same church. Think of something else,PLZ.

Harry Posted: Nov 11th 2007

Title Title Title...

The Rascels On The Run

arnymate Posted: Nov 11th 2007

PC Andrew double barrel name that no one can prnounce cause its so long.
PC runnabout
PC gotcha!

Robbin jewelery(could work really well with a script)
Freddy fire-arms (real name clarence but no one knows that the police call him freddy fire-arms)
Hatchet (can break into anything)

Linda Loop (she's a bit loopy)

you could call the film "Runnabouts wrong boys"

springwizard Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Arnymate,you're on the right track. I'm looking for sensible,realistic names,not like the silly-willy ones that Harry and Pat1 came up with. (No offence,by the way,they just weren't what I had in mind)You see,since this story is very loosely based on actual events(apart from the fact that the characters are fictional) I'm trying to make this a serrious a production as possible,with maybee a bit of "comic relief" every now and then. Do any of you have any idea how that can be done?

Mibso Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Well, you could have names that are silly but they aren't silly in person (maybe a tiny bit silly in person) for example here are some:
PC L. Ick. - He rarely licks things in the background - but only very rarely. Put him like in the office or something licking a cat. But he rarely licks.
PC Laz - She lazes about and rarely comes in for work. Only when she feels like it. Always has good excuses.
Sergeant D. Uty - Always does his duty and expects others to. Has a sharp eye out for PC Laz!

Augustus Lavenders - A bank robber.. but only Sergeant Uty can stop him
Mr. Collis - Always "Gets his man" (he doesn't, but that's his catchphrase.
Fred "Slim" Tuck - He is very skinny and he can get through almost anything!

Dennis Square - The School's 'Nerd' and Sergeant's pet.
Jane Tuck - Daughter of Fred "Slim" Tuck. Wishes to be only but herself.
Richard Baynes - The "No words" person. Terrified of his wife.
May Baynes - Big mouth. Terrified of her husband.

Title - The Duty Calls.

Mibso Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Some titles:
When Duty Calls
Duty Street
Uty Show
Uty Street
What the Duties?
D. Uty Police
The Silences
... And many more that you could think of

Mibso Posted: Nov 12th 2007

And as for the lady in the jewelry store could be May Baynes' mother, she could be called June.

Mibso Posted: Nov 12th 2007

King: Harry Carr
Queen: Julie Carr
Princess: Anna Carr
8 Suitors: Mr Rum (Mean old boss of them), Mr Barren, Mr Dandy, Ms Clifford, Ms Harp, Mr Cashew and Mr Harris.

If you like

springwizard Posted: Nov 13th 2007

Ah,hah! I KNEW that female officers existed. I was considering a bit of gumshoe work,myself for a living. I could be a regular "Nancy Drew" with the kind of brains I got. Mum,however,doesn't seem to think I'm "cut out" for the job,and I quote:"I will not have my Daughter running around with some grubby policemen." Mum says. "You're much better off as a Shakepearian actress,as I and your grandmother before you." What advise can you give me for that situtation? My mom says that it's just plain WRONG to "Argue with family tradition." She claims that it "Disgraces the Sulivan family name." What should I do?

Mibso Posted: Nov 14th 2007

Say "I have my rights to be what I want. If you don't accept that.. e.g"

springwizard Posted: Nov 15th 2007

Dunno,Mom's a pretty hard nut to crack. She insists on keeping up with family Tradidition. What if she says "NO" ? Which she probably will say?

Mibso Posted: Nov 17th 2007

"The family tradition. This could be the start of a new one." Try that

Mibso Posted: Nov 17th 2007

If that fails say, "Just let me give it a shot. Please."

Harry Posted: Nov 17th 2007

King: King Reverend Sparkle

Queen: Lady Margret Dish

Princess: Little Mancy Migget

Harry XD

springwizard Posted: Nov 21st 2007

Harry,please,you're being a pest. I need a lady's oppinnion,not a guy's. Don't bother us anymore,PLZ!

Mibso Posted: Nov 25th 2007

Oh, if you need ladies i'm out! :'(

dan123 Posted: Dec 9th 2007

I've named my characters:
percy the penquin
wally the walrus
I could go on

conty Posted: Dec 12th 2007

mibso are you a boy???

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 21st 2007

Yes, I think he/she is Conty.

mrpianokeys Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

good luck

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

Hey, you copied Harold and Lilian from Shrek! ;)

Lollephant Posted: Apr 12th 2008

How about...king Phantom?
Sorry, I'm not that great in finding names...


arthur Posted: May 2nd 2008

friend: mr kindness

foe: mr badass

weirdo: mr dark- shadow- man

black Posted: May 4th 2008


bree_cheese Posted: Jul 15th 2008

hey springwizard,
no offense or anything, but it sounds like you made up that story of forced to be a "Shakepearian actress"! :O

thespazicat Posted: Jul 21st 2008

bobby. this is a smart name fro a cop cause bobby is another name 4 police.

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