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Production Staff Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 5th 2008

Hello W&G fans!

I can’t believe it is August already – the time is flying at the moment! After taking a well-deserved production break for a week (you may remember Kate mentioning this last month) the crew down here at Aztec West have been working extremely hard to make sure A Matter of Loaf and Death is delivered on time.

To be precise, we have 9 weeks and 4 days to complete the filming on the studio floor – we have to be finished by the 10th of October to hit our post schedule.

More than half the movie has now been shot now and we're just starting to film the big finale – very exciting stuff! We will be devoting a lot of our crew and studio space to these important scenes, aiming to eventually take up at least half of our 18 shooting units!

As you can imagine, life on the studio floor is very busy. We are doing Saturdays and lots of overtime but the shots are looking great and I can't wait for you all to see the final piece!

All the best


Chocachoc Posted: Aug 5th 2008

Wow, it must be amazing to work there.

animator45 Posted: Aug 5th 2008

I know i would love to work there!!!:D

I know the production deadline is the 10th of october but when will be able to see it on tv?

Chocachoc Posted: Aug 5th 2008

Im just asking one of the aardman staff this;

What qualifications do you need to become an animator/ model maker working for aardman? (GCSE, A level, International Baccalaureate/ etc)

If you could answer this question (aardman staff) that would be fantastic. I cant find it on the aardman website.

jordan Posted: Aug 5th 2008

cool news as usual

Harry Posted: Aug 5th 2008

Well done everyone there. Good hardworking staff, Nick must be happy to work with you!

kieran Posted: Aug 5th 2008


lujza Posted: Aug 6th 2008

niallswand Posted: Aug 6th 2008

i hope its on tv for christmas eve

velyogendra Posted: Aug 6th 2008

I hope it's out on dvd soon. For us who live elswhere.

Josephine Posted: Aug 7th 2008

It'll be on BBC TV this Christmas - God willing! No news of a caffeine shortage in Bristol but a parcel full of Fair Trade tea, coffee and dunkable biccies is on standby here Oop North, Beeky, should the hardworking staff need more energy! Pace yourselves, people!!!! Don't rush!!! More haste less speed!!!!!!

We would not like to see a half-baked effort, would we?!

Tee-hee! ;)

Sock Eye Salmon

clone3 Posted: Aug 8th 2008

I want to see it on tv but I don't know the date of showing!
Can some body tell me!

wandgfan21 Posted: Aug 16th 2008

christmas day would be perfect as thats when(usually) wallace and gromit films are shown on tv.

pollybilly Posted: Aug 17th 2008

great title - any piccies yet???
does it have a similiar theme to the film
'A matter of life and death@???????
Can't wait for christmas then.

Ursrut Posted: Aug 17th 2008

Good question chocachoc, yes that would be great to know.

gromit rules Posted: Aug 17th 2008

can,t wait when is coming on tv

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 17th 2008

cool update. by october 10th? aardman must need 2 work hard but all the best 2 aardmans animators and gd luck!;)

georgiegirlofrb Posted: Aug 19th 2008

You all must be working double time to have it all filmed by October and also finished completely by December!

I hope that it'll get to Australia then as well (I can wish!!). I can't wait and obviously neither can anyone else!!! Anyone doing a countdown yet?

Hermes Posted: Aug 22nd 2008

I can't wait:O

Mark the shark Posted: Aug 25th 2008

Whoa. I wish I worked at Aardman

Bekky Posted: Aug 27th 2008

I would love too work there too what a great job:D

Cant wait to watch it:D:D:D:D

PoisonIvy Posted: Aug 28th 2008

Me neither!! Course, I'm here in Australia... and we don't have TV... never mind... we have A TV, just not an arial. We watch stuff on DVD ;) well we'll have to buy it!!!

- Ziebell's Handfish

jordan Posted: Aug 28th 2008

about time we had another pleaseeeeeeeeee

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 28th 2008

if aardman keep giving updates they giv ethe whole film bit by bit coz its only 30 mins after all :)

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 30th 2008

Im ready and fired up for the film i want 2 see it now but i cant

Hermes Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

I can't wait, this is going to be cheesey

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