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luke-puke Posted: Aug 10th 2008

everyone has a fav bad guy on W&G what is yours and give a reason??? mine is feathers mcgraw cause hes a penguin and he has a pretty cool scheme+he like jewels! ! !

luke-puke Posted: Aug 11th 2008

heres another icon of feathers!!!

Michael2008 Posted: Aug 21st 2008

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 21st 2008

xIzzyx Posted: Sep 2nd 2008


Nathan M Posted: Sep 3rd 2008

animation boy Posted: Sep 4th 2008

Nathan M Posted: Sep 4th 2008

crackingtoast Posted: Sep 12th 2008

the evil mastermind penguin,feather mcgraw! i am mad about him,he's so funny!

Oakes Posted: Oct 6th 2008

i think...... if ur wondering " when was gromit ever a villain?" the answer is, in close shave, he supposedly butchered sheep, and in the comics ( plz bring em back ) he and wallace stole a load of money from a bank , so that is why i say gromit

jills Posted: Oct 6th 2008

They robbed a bank in the comic?! Did they know what they were doing?

Oakes Posted: Oct 22nd 2008

yes they did know what they were doing, its just that feathers was threatening to kill gromit unless wallace made three sets of techno trousers, and they all went and stole money, so wallace and gromit had to agree with feathers demands.

doctor_banana Posted: Nov 7th 2008

619 Posted: Dec 5th 2008

cool chris Posted: Dec 6th 2008

the one in amolad

jordan Posted: Dec 6th 2008

i agree^^^^

duong Posted: Dec 9th 2008

of course

iantimothy Posted: Dec 9th 2008

in terms of actual evilness, yeah, the villiain in AMOLAD!

walace&grommitfan Posted: Dec 10th 2008

or quartemain

wgrock1015 Posted: Dec 22nd 2008

i would have to say feathers

Windows Vista Posted: Feb 4th 2009

Feathers!P.s.The villain in A Matter of Loaf and Death was Piella Bakewell.

timmythesheep848 Posted: Feb 5th 2009

im not sure
its out of piella and feathers

cheesefanatic Posted: Feb 9th 2009

hm........ either piella or cause they both tried to kill & !

crackingtoast Posted: Feb 16th 2009

well,i think we all know who,it's that evil penguin called feather mcgraw who is always trying to shoot my messages out of my avatar!

hendrickdalejr88 Posted: Mar 1st 2009

i think piella because she killed 12 bakers

ben m Posted: Mar 2nd 2009

grometfan1 Posted: Apr 1st 2009

Super Sue Posted: Jun 14th 2009

i think preston in the 2nd film is really nasty the way he framed gromit for the sheep rustling etc,: and tried 2 turn shawn sheep + friends into dogfood!!

itechnoguy Posted: Jun 26th 2009

it's hard to decide when both of them tried to kill and
Feathers by shooting, preston by the dogfood machine

mortmort Posted: Jun 30th 2009

,>:-),>:-)and piella>:-) defanatley

Ramz2009 Posted: Jul 4th 2009

Piella and Feathers they are both great villans as they both tried to kill Wallace And Gromit!!!

Vidpal Posted: Oct 3rd 2009

Piella is the perfect example... crazy and black widow-ish

kldceltic Posted: Oct 3rd 2009

piella she's mean:'(:-(

Vidpal Posted: Oct 15th 2009

that's the whole point of a villian

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