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twinxlisa129 Posted: Nov 4th 2007

I was just wondering if in trouble at mill if anti pesto still exists coz it so rocked. I know little is known about this film but what do you think for now?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 5th 2007

Hmm I think it would be difficult for W&G to keep the business going when they're so busy with their new bakery...what do you reckon?

connor gorman Posted: Nov 8th 2007

Good Idea Katie
But They Might Need Anti Pesto To Protect The Bread

anti-pesto Posted: Nov 10th 2007

no i think aardman want 2 move on and let them hav a new job as bakers. its like moving from a close shave to the film the curse of the were-rabbit.u no from washing windows to captureing rabbits. now itll be anti-pesto 2 Top Bun

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