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Mcbennybob Posted: Aug 29th 2007

Hi katie,
could you please help me because I would like to know were I could get a Wallace and Gromit Storyboard Collection book cheap!I have tried eBay but it was £48!!!!Please Help!!!And by the way, I think you are great!!Do you do animation too?!

Seb Moderator Posted: Aug 29th 2007

Well I'm not Katie but I can't tell you to just keep waiting. Those books are sometimes sold for less so just hold on.

RowansLovesWAndG Posted: Aug 30th 2007

hi katie i was wondeirng wether coalports were sol in shops and if so were could i get 1???

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 30th 2007

hi katie do you have a suggestion for where to get a microphone headset because mines conked out and im in the middle of doing a w & g film!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 31st 2007

Hi everyone,thanks for the messages!

Mcbennybob - I'm afraid the Storyboard Collections are out of print now and so you will have to rely on kind ebayers/amazon users to sell the book cheaply. I found the Close Shave Collection on Amazon for under £10:

Please remember that you do this at your own risk, you're not actually buying direct from the supplier.

RowanLovesWAndG - I'm not sure what coalports are - sorry!

Anti-Pesto: is quite good for headphones - they offer a good range and free postage!

anti-pesto Posted: Aug 31st 2007

thanks katie

Mcbennybob Posted: Aug 31st 2007


Mcbennybob Posted: Aug 31st 2007

I've found it on eBay for £5!!!!

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 3rd 2007

Katie do you think the wallace and gromit exabition will be coming near rotherham or sheffield way again,please please say yes i missed the last one.:'(

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 4th 2007

Sorry, there's nothing on the schedule yet ( but if I hear anything I'll post it straight into the news section.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Sep 4th 2007

ok thanks katie

Mcbennybob Posted: Sep 15th 2007

Hi katie, I was wandering if you have ever met Nick Park?If you have WOW!!!!

GromitGirl Posted: Sep 15th 2007


I went to the premier of COTWR in 2005.
and i was considering selling my souvinere collectable ticket on an aution site like ebay to make some more money to buy other W&G items. but the thing is i'm unsure of how much to put it on for as i think it coould be worth quite a bit.

please could anyone advise me ?

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 15th 2007

thanks katie iv got a microphone headset from its perfect! thanks

asterix Posted: Sep 19th 2007

hello katie,
can you read animation which is in the forum!!!!!!!!! please please please???????????????????????????????????????from asterix
ps. where do you get the little objects eg. fireplace, umbrela stand, news paper.
pps. i love andand.

Modelmaker93 Posted: Oct 29th 2007

Hi there Katie i was wondering if for the creatins bit can you please make so that if you can't use Youtube you can still add videos because i wanted to put this one on??

Josephine Posted: Oct 31st 2007

I've got the Storyboard Collections books - guess they are valuable now, having read the messages on this board. Perhaps the publishers should think about re-launching them because they are brilliant. I wouldn't part with them for ANYTHING!!!!!!!

jordan Posted: Nov 2nd 2007

i agree Josephine

Josephine Posted: Nov 6th 2007

Thanks, Jordan! For a moment, after posting my last message, I thought I was being selfish in saying I would not part with the books for anything, particularly as they are now out of print and hard to get a hold of - and that there is fresh demand for them now. I remember saving up for them when they were first published not long after "A Close Shave" was shown on BBC2 that Christmas 1995.

Until such time as the publishers get their act together and do something about re-launching the books concerned, The Art of Curse of the Wererabbit is great, too. I think that's still available in either the big or small bookshops. There is another book from a series called "Projections" and the one which features Nick P is called "Projections 5 Film-makers on Film-making" and it is not hard to spot it as there is a picture of & wearing bow-ties on the front cover. Nick talks about how he made & - the book is 10 or 11 years old and it features extracts from storyboards etc. Admittedly, it is a text book but it is very, very interesting.

connor gorman Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Cool Thnaks Joesphine

Josephine Posted: Nov 13th 2007

No worries, Connor! good luck!

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