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Cactus Posted: Aug 17th 2008

Does anyone remember a science magazine called Techno Quest with pictures of W+G in them? I just found a folder FULL of them in the loft but I can't find a single thing about it online - I swear I'm not hallucinating!!

kellyboi Posted: Aug 21st 2008

I used to collect the Techno Quest magazine when I was in college, unfortunately I was not able to complete the set. That's where I first saw the W&G cartoon.

Tania Hepworth Posted: Sep 13th 2008

I have the full set ( they were collected by my son ) do you want to buy them.

StuartRead Posted: Sep 13th 2008

I have the complete set. The magazines do come up very frequently, usually 1/2 per month, but it all depends on who has them available to sell. They do not generally sell for much, because the magazines, especially with their folders, are very heavy.

Rebel Posted: Jan 20th 2009

How many is their if their is 6 ive got all of them 1 is £100 on ebay I got all 6 for £2 pound at a charity shop they weigh a tone!

Were-Rabbit Posted: Jan 21st 2009


wandgfan21 Posted: Jan 22nd 2009

they ma say £80 on ebay but the fact is they wont sell for that. to be reasonable i would say £25-£40.

fluffles the poodle Posted: Jan 24th 2009

we have the whole thing in the school library (lol im not to sure why guessing the librarian is a W and g fan)

rejoyce Posted: May 14th 2009

I collected the technoquest magazine too when I was abt 12. Unfortunately, I too do not have the full collection. Is anyone interested in selling them? How many magazines r there in total?

Wilsations Animations Posted: May 14th 2009

I have6(all of them) but most of the pages have fallen out.

jjtheguitarist Posted: Aug 18th 2009


I have pretty much all of the alphabet A-Y
and a lot of the techno facts which followed in 3 large folders and i'm thinking about selling them on eBay if people think there'd be a demand?!?! Otherwise I'll probably just bin 'em.

i want techno quest Posted: Aug 9th 2011

I WILL BUY THEM :) as long as it's the complete set with all the pages intact. Add me, I suppose.

Wilsations Animations Posted: Aug 9th 2011

Yh, I have all six of them in the collection room(aka loft) but one of the folders has no page but the page are in a bag up there because they fell out. I'm Rebel btw and yep £2 for the whole set!

NoPainNoElaine Posted: Jan 24th 2012

I have the complete 6 folder set of Techno Quest. All present and in perfect condition if anyone is interested?


pbciocon Posted: Aug 31st 2012

hey nopainnoelaine, i'm interested with your complete set. let me know how much.

JodieD Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 7th 2012

Hi pbciocon,
I'm afraid we cannot allow you to share personal info on the forums. But if the seller can post a link to where you cna buy them from that would be fine.

Thank you.

Nosleep2012 Posted: Oct 8th 2012

I have all 6 techno quest folders exellent condition open to offers

liamwalsh Posted: Oct 12th 2012

I have vol 1-4. Good condition too. Contact if desirable! :)

Ashleigh801 Posted: Oct 13th 2012

i would very much like to buy these!

Ashleigh801 Posted: Oct 13th 2012

I would love to know how I could purchase these off you no sleep!

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 17th 2012

Ashleigh801 - as Jodie has said above, we do not allow people to share personal information in the forums. If the seller has a link to a selling page, they can share that. Thanks!

Earholes1986 Posted: Apr 22nd 2013

Anybody interested in the complete collection, all 6 flders of Techno Quest, email me please

lugs61 Posted: May 21st 2013

i have all 6 complete folders inc original 3 floppy discs in excellent condition.

Elijah Isaac John Posted: May 30th 2013

i found techno quest in google on my pc

Sammiepot Posted: Jun 2nd 2013

i have a full set of techno quest Sitting on my shelf and i am clearing out so should like another child enjoy them as much as I did.

please get in touch if interested 

JodieD Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 3rd 2013

Hi Sammiepot, please keep in mind that we do not allow people to share personal information in the forums. If you have a link to a selling/giving away page, you can share that. Thanks!

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