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Holida Posted: Aug 18th 2008

I' from China.Do you guys all know about this beautiful country.
It's my first time to write in English online.
I really LOVE "wallaceandgromit".
When I saw the introduction of this funny cartoon on HBO,I remembered a lovely picture my mum bought for me at my 10th Birthday.
Anyway,I LOVE it!!!!!!! :D

Ursrut Posted: Aug 18th 2008

welcome to the site. Your English is very good!
Do you do animations or models?

Holida Posted: Aug 19th 2008

Thanks a lot!!!
Actually not.
I'm just a girl at the age of 16.
English is a subject in our country.
Everyone here is learning it .Because English is the most official language in the world.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 19th 2008

Hi Holida, thanks for your message and welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy using the forums.

China has been in the news a lot recently because of the Beijing Olympics - it's been great to watch on TV and learn more about your culture. Have you been cheering on your country? They're doing very well!

Btw Ursrut - cool avatar! :D

kieran Posted: Aug 20th 2008

shouldn't the website convert it for us oh well.

i think i know why china teach English, is it because they make everything for us and would be a good idea to know the language.

because nearly every thing i look at from mugs to cuddly toy it is most likely to say made in china.

plus i love Chinese food so i think it must be a brillient country.

Holida Posted: Aug 22nd 2008

squigly Posted: Aug 25th 2008

whoa, ursrut...I just noticed that your avatar morphs between six & pics. did you do that yourself?

Welcome to the website Holida.

Rebel Posted: Aug 25th 2008

China won!

Ursrut Posted: Aug 25th 2008

We once done a lesson of Chinese at our school as it is a languages college.
Thanks Katie. :D.
Squigly- yeah i did do it myself, it was pretty fun to do. I've also done one of my sponsor dog.

jills Posted: Sep 5th 2008

Hi holida, that's a great Gromit pic! How are you liking the forum? I hope you will get to see the new Wallace and Gromit film when it comes out :D

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