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connor gorman Posted: Nov 9th 2007

It's Really Weird How They Both Have Differant Rooms

jordan Posted: Nov 9th 2007

yeh... nots not weired..

jodyblue1 Posted: Nov 9th 2007


connor gorman Posted: Nov 10th 2007

But Isnt A Dog Meant To Sleep In A Kennel

jordan Posted: Nov 11th 2007

as nick park said anything can become reality in a animated film.

anti-pesto Posted: Nov 11th 2007

i think wallace wants his own privertcy lol

connor gorman Posted: Nov 11th 2007


Jake Posted: Nov 11th 2007

wallace go on a seeckret mison

Josephine Posted: Nov 11th 2007

P'raps can't stand 's snoring...or his cheesy feet ... then again, perhaps likes knitting or reading into the wee small hours and can't get his beauty sleep!

Josephine Posted: Nov 11th 2007

I've just thought on! Oh, yes! does have a kennel outside (The Wrong Trousers). Fantastic in a heatwave - like a doggy summer house.

connor gorman Posted: Nov 15th 2007

yer but he never init only for 2 minutes in wrong trousers

Josephine Posted: Nov 15th 2007

True - but it was pouring down with rain, remember?

springwizard Posted: Nov 16th 2007

My theory is that Wallace sees Gromit as a human being rather than a dog,in which case,having him sleep in a kennel would be degrading. He therefore has his own room. At least,that's my theory.;)

Josephine Posted: Nov 16th 2007

I agree - is one very special dog...and should be treated as such.

jodyblue1 Posted: Nov 16th 2007

gromit cool and yes deffently special.

concon Posted: Nov 17th 2007

in issue 10 of W&G wallace says "at least the police arent aware of our wee secret" so i think gromit is a contraction made by wallace

is a robot

funkycheese7000 Posted: Nov 18th 2007

Concon, when Wallace said that, I think he meant the police didn't know about the inventions he was making.

Josephine Posted: Nov 20th 2007

The FBI might know!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 27th 2010

I thought i would bring this up as it is interesting!
anyone think they know why they live in seperate rooms?

concon Posted: Jan 28th 2010

OhMyGosh, seeing my superold message surprised me there!
It doesn't have capitals or punctuation or even bold italic writing! :O

Siro6 Posted: Jan 29th 2010

Because if Gromit slept in Wallaces room, then he would'nt have to use the waking up contraption on him.

kldceltic Posted: Jan 29th 2010

thats strange why wallace and gromit does not sleep together

Clay Play Posted: Jan 29th 2010

Because there not married???

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 29th 2010


jordan Posted: Jan 30th 2010

well you dont sleep in your parents room, so whats the difference lol

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 30th 2010

Haha, makes sense

MotionMe Posted: Feb 1st 2010

Clay Play , you crack me up,ha, |-) ha, |-)ha,|-).

Clay Play Posted: Feb 8th 2010


SockEyeSalmon Posted: Feb 8th 2010

P'raps can't stick 's snoring nor his cheesy feet! >:-)

Clay Play Posted: Feb 10th 2010

heh heh heh

Fish Posted: Feb 14th 2010

Could be Gromit's clicking knitting needles bother Wallace - or the fact Gromit keeps the light on to read all those books.

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Feb 16th 2010

Good thinking, Fish, old pal! I'd imagine that, when was a wee puppy, would have him in a basket in his room so that he would not be alone and vulnerable at night.

Also, uses an ordinary alarm clock to get up earlier than because has to pull the lever for his master's waker-upper downstairs. It appears sleeps in whilst is the early riser.

might even have the habit of waking up with a spark of inspiration for another invention, click on the light and start discussing it with , who was just drifting off into a good sleep... and has to patiently listen to ... watch his master scribbling his rough plan... then decides he can't afford any more eye bags and falling asleep on the job - hence the move.
So, we have clicking needles on 's part and ' inventive mind...

By the way, Fish, of all those sock eye salmons caught by the grizzlies, I was the one that got away ;) - I could not get to reply to your posting on another thread because it was locked.

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 17th 2010

See,this is an interesting thread,Some people DO enjoy it and i think it was a good ideas too bring it back,dont you?

Fish Posted: Feb 18th 2010

SockEye! I'm chuffed to a million mintballs that you got away from those pesky bears!!! |-)

I believe you are right - Gromit seems to be an early riser - a "morning dog" if there ever was one! He has to be, I guess - looking after Wallace is more than a full time job!:O So perhaps sleeping in his own room lets Gromit sleep soundly enough to stay so alert.

Yes, Clay Fighter, there are lots of interesting threads that can be be brought back and enjoyed.

dog51 Posted: Feb 28th 2010

Maybe they don't like sleeping with each other?

dog51 Posted: Mar 6th 2010

In the Wrong Trousers, it explains why: Gromit dosen't like using the Get-U-Up. :-(

gurnetta Posted: Apr 11th 2010

well does your dog sleep in your room??

wghtmf Posted: Apr 11th 2010

No it doesn't because I don't have a dog.

Raw Carrot Posted: Apr 11th 2010

They sleep in searate rooms, probably, because Gromit is more like a servant to Wallace. Plus he doesn't sleep in a kennel for, think about it, Wallace has had many loves but the thing that always comes first is hs dog.
Heart warming story eh?

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 11th 2010

he isnt a servant at all!!
He is more like the more cleaner one out of them, and so he picks up after wallace etc. and helps him!
Gromit does sleep in a kennel in TWT when he feels he isnt wanted, and feathers takes his room!!

gurnetta Posted: Apr 24th 2010

Gromit it certainly not a servant , but if you had a dog would it sleep in your room?

concon Posted: Apr 24th 2010


mmasonghi studios Posted: May 15th 2010

my dog does

Gromits little bro Posted: May 19th 2010

Can I (rather hypocritically) ask why this thread keeps coming back up. My cup of care for this : \_/ <- look. empty.

Clay Fighter Posted: May 19th 2010

uhm...tad bit rude, but ok.

Many threads are often bumped back up when people want to express their feelings on a situation

Gromits little bro Posted: May 19th 2010

sorry bad day :P

Ursrut Posted: May 19th 2010

aha GLB! i seen that group on facebook about 3 minutes ago |-)

Gromit lad Posted: Jun 13th 2010

Gromit has to wake up before wallace to pull the level to bring him down stairs. But yeah....... why would he have to sleep in his own room to do so???????

lad sleeps in his own room........ and likes chocolate

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 14th 2010


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