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LadyM Posted: Nov 10th 2007

Quite a few years ago, I bought a W&G birthday card and the printed message inside said "Happy Birthday, Chuck!" Can anyone give me any info on "Chuck" as an endearment?

I'm asking for a rather academic reason. In Shakespeare's "Macbeth," Macbeth uses "chuck" as an endearment or pet name for Lady Macbeth. Shakespeare scholars still aren't sure where that came from, so I was amazed to see it in the card. Any info will be greatly appreciated!

springwizard Posted: Nov 10th 2007

Got me Sister. I heard some Brits (particularly mums) who call thier kids "Duckie" is this true? Also,what do the letter's Pc. before a Bobby's name mean anyway? Is it something like "Patrolling Constable" Or something.

LadyM Posted: Nov 11th 2007

I think PC means Police Constable.

Anyone else got any ideas about "chuck"?

funkycheese7000 Posted: Nov 11th 2007

In The Wrong Trousers, Wallace says: Happy Birthday, Chuck! Chuck means something like friend. There's no-one called Chuck related to W and G.

Josephine Posted: Nov 11th 2007

There are several examples of terms of endearment used in England which have origins that, for some, are lost in the midst of time and translation.

For example:

"Chuck" is a term of endearment mostly used in the North West - sometimes it's extended to "chuckie-egg" i.e. hen's egg and "Petal" - mostly in Manchester. In old episodes of the soap "Coronation Street", it was - and is still - used frequently; "Hen" is used in some parts of Scotland when conversing to a girl/woman (it was used in Chicken Run by Mac). Similarly, "ducks" or "me duck" is used in the Midlands. "China" is one of many used mainly in London/South East - it is short for the cockney rhyming slang "China Plate" - which rhymes with mate, buddy, friend. Another London/South East rhyming slang is "Treacle" which is short for "treacle tart" which rhymes with heart - another way of saying love or lovey. In the North East, it's "Pet" - which I think speaks for itself - and "Kidda" - think "Kid". In France, it's "Choux" - meaning "cabbage"! "Pet" is also used in Ireland...

We could go on...

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Chuck is a term for a friend

springwizard Posted: Nov 12th 2007

Thanks for clearing that up for me,about the "PC." Thing but I was wondering,are the Police in Ireland called "Bobbies" too? Or is that just in England?

Josephine Posted: Nov 12th 2007

The police in Ireland are called the Garda Siochanna (pronounced sheer-corna)- the plural is gardai (pronounced gar-dee). The equivalent of the nickname "bobbies" in Ireland is "guards" or, nearer north of Ireland - or in Scotland - it's 'polis" (pronounced pole-iss)

springwizard Posted: Nov 13th 2007

Thanks for the info,mates. I needed that info because I'm writing a novel set in Ireland and I need it to sound,you know,"real". You might wonder why I would want to set my novel in Ireland if i'm a,what you Brits call "yank" (do you still do that,call Americans "yanks"?) But anyway,I may have been born and raised an American,I've got Irish blood in my veins and I'm sorta tring to honnor my ancestory. Also,I heard for my pen-pals across the pond that Ireland's a pretty interesting place. It must be pretty with all that green.

Hutch Posted: Nov 13th 2007

Chuck is a lucky name

Josephine Posted: Nov 13th 2007

Springwizard - a person after my own heart Ireland is green because of all the rain that keeps the fields lush and soft. You must go to Ireland sometime and check it out for yourself.

jodyblue1 Posted: Nov 14th 2007

i think it means friend too.

springwizard Posted: Nov 14th 2007

Thanks Josephine,maybee someday I WILL visit Ireland. But,in the meantime I'm realy broke now and can't afford the air fare. That's why I'm wring a novel.

Josephine Posted: Nov 14th 2007

All the very best with your novel, Springwizard! I really hope you will find success with it - both critically and financially so that you will eventually visit Ireland. Who knows? You could progress onto another adventure set in Ireland...starring and ! could escape from Mountjoy Jail to do a dastardly deed with and our dynamic duo and their chums could help solve the crime! Over to you!

springwizard Posted: Nov 15th 2007

Well,errmmm...there's a law against using someone else's licenced Characters without some kind of permit that I don't know how to get,Uless,of course,Aardman agrees to make a movie of this,I might be willing to take them upon this sort of thing.*wink*

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 16th 2007

Yanks are so out of fashion (the term yank imean)

Josephine Posted: Nov 16th 2007

Springwizard - if there are any members of the Aardman staff who read this forum,I'm sure they'll agree that there is nothing to stop you submitting your idea to them FIRST as a matter of courtesy - and YOU keep YOUR master copy under lock and key in a secret place! (that's what my friends do when they write songs) It's when someone does it behind Aardman's back and makes money on it without their say-so that will get on their nerves and then it becomes messy...just look at Harry Potter! You don't wanna go there!

springwizard Posted: Nov 16th 2007

Oh,I'll Keep that in mind,by the way,did you know that tomorrow's my birthday? Just thought that I would tell you.;)

funkycheese7000 Posted: Nov 17th 2007

Happy Birthday springwizard! :D

Jake Posted: Nov 17th 2007

Hapy brthday wallace

springwizard Posted: Nov 17th 2007

Thanks folks! Incedently,Jake "Happy" Has 2 P's.

concon Posted: Nov 17th 2007

chuck means FRIEND

Josephine Posted: Nov 21st 2007

Belated happy birthday, Springwizard! I hope it went are the Techno Trousers?

springwizard Posted: Nov 21st 2007

TECHNO TROUSERS!!!?????Oooooh! Josey! You are such a KIDDER!!! TECHNO TROUSERS!!!!!LOL|-)No actualy, I got a pink teddy bear,a bake tin that makes Hostess Twinkies(Surely you've heard of them) and a colection of Tom Jones CDs. Ever since I first heard his voice on the radio,I got on this "Tom Jones" Kick. I'd write him a fan letter,'cept I don't know his address. Bloke probably gets enough fan mail already as it is without bothering to answer any from ME,eh?

Josephine Posted: Nov 22nd 2007

Wow! Didn't you do well, Springwizard! You should re-name yourself WELSHWIZARD after The Jones Boy! He's quite a character is TJ. Go on! Send him a could look up his official site (perhaps he might have one - best to Google it - or Dogpile it) on the internet or on the info inside the CD covers. Hostess Twinkies...I've heard about them but, like most things, they are probably known by a different name in the UK/Ireland. A PINK in "Iiiiiiiimmm comin' up so ya better get the party started..." or PINK as in the 'Pink' Panther colour? My favourite cuddly toy is my hot water bottle cover! Trouble is, when I turn over in bed, the hot water bottle slooshes like has indigestion...must be the cheese!

springwizard Posted: Nov 22nd 2007

Woah! You're into TJ. Too???? Wowwie KA-ZOWWIE!!! That makes two of us ladies who realy like to boogie down (yep,that's right,I'm a gal) We should start a fan club,a sisterhood. I'd be presedent,naturaly.LOL!

Josephine Posted: Nov 23rd 2007

Yes, indeedie, Wizz! The Jones Boyo ROCKS!!!! He could show 'em what it's all about! Did you know TJ and Elvis were buddies? Wouldn't they have made a great duo! Priceless!

Do you think like a bit of soul or rock and roll - I bet he has some TJ in his vinyl collection - hidden between The Wigan Colliery Brass Band and 100 Cheesy Hits of the 1970's... As for - He might prefer the "hangdog" jazz 'n' blues sounds as well as classical greats like Bach (lol)

springwizard Posted: Nov 23rd 2007

Hummm!Well,I don't know if you should be sleeping with a hot water bottle in the bed with you at night. Suposed you were to roll over in the bed in the middle of the night and when you least expect it,BOOM! The water bottle springs a leak splashing water all over the place,then you'ld have to change your bed clothes,your PJs,everything would be SOAKED! That would be a DISASTER!:O

connor-james-gorman Posted: Nov 24th 2007

Chuck Is Another Word For Mate And Freind

Josephine Posted: Nov 24th 2007

Not to worry, Wizz! I've had the hottie for 12 years and it's as strong as anything. The trick is to let all the steam out of the hot water before tightening the stopper - then the hottie doesn't look so "swollen" and fit to burst.

springwizard Posted: Nov 24th 2007

Ah,there you are Josie. I've been looking all over the boards for you. You know you and I have soooo much in common. We're both gals,we both like TJ.,we both.....errrm well,I'm sure there are alot of other things we have in common that we don't realize yet. We could be long lost SISTERS!!!!!:OWouldn't that be a Shock!

Josephine Posted: Nov 26th 2007

Yup indeedie, Wizz! It is a small world out there. Kindred spirits. You never know, Wizz, we could well be related - all that including much love for & ... and the Jones Boyo!

springwizard Posted: Nov 26th 2007

The reason I didn't call myself WelshWizard was cuz I'd only just recently heard of ol Tommy boy. BTW,you know what the advantage is of having an American member in this comunity? Well,here in the USA,the films reach our cinemas before they ever make it across the pond. Call us Americans your personalo film critics.If there's a flick you're thinking about seeing,which I probably already have seen,you can ask me how it was.

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