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Harry Posted: Nov 11th 2007

This Can Be Pictures Of Models Or Saying What Model You Want To Make Or Even Asking For Help Deciding And Making Models.

Here Is A Quick Tip:
When You Are Starting A New Animation Create A Model From A Cartoon Or Something So You Know What Your Modelling To, If It Goes Wrong Try And Make It Better. This Is Like A Practise To Start Your Modelmaking.

jordan Posted: Nov 11th 2007

well when i come up with a character and i draw a design straight away and that design does not change when i make it into a plasticine model, but if theres little bits which ive drawn which you cant fit or make on a model then i slightly change the design only if ive not to put the piece ive drawn on the completed model. and i write down the colours everything should be too.

Harry Posted: Nov 17th 2007

Cool Idea,

I Am Going To Make A Series Of Cactus Animations And I Need Help Making The Model, Today I Might Go And Draw A Quick Sketch With Labels And I Think Conty Gave Me A Really Good Idea,

Please Reply Or Send In Pictures Of Your Models,


plasjas Posted: Nov 17th 2007

i think that drawing out your models is agreat way to see what things do and dont work

Harry Posted: Nov 17th 2007

I Think The Cactus Series Will Be Like Little Programmes, Like What The Shaun The Sheep Programme Is To Aardman.

I Need To Think Of The Big One Like How Big Wallace And Gromit Are To Aardman,

Do You Have Any Ideas...

07ngreat Posted: Nov 17th 2007

i don't think i could ever make a model out of playdough.|-)|-)|-)

cavor Posted: Nov 17th 2007

A cactus can be fun to animate but the little spines can get in the way.

connor-james-gorman Posted: Nov 24th 2007

Always Have A Storyboard Because Yopu Will Know Whats It About,What To Build,And Charters

connor-james-gorman Posted: Nov 24th 2007

PYou Cant Make A Model For Animation Out Of Playdoh Because It Hardens Plastcine Is Oil Based So Its Easier With Plasticne

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