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jordan Posted: Aug 28th 2008

Same Shape & Rolling Pin lol

except its a bloke in a costume lol not that im calling piella manly sorry "CUPCAKE" LOL

Chocachoc Posted: Aug 28th 2008


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 29th 2008

Lol nice one! Are you thinking of dressing up like this for the launch of the new film Jordan? ;)

jordan Posted: Aug 29th 2008

i found that acidently on the net and burst out laughing same shape rolling pin etc!, no i wont lol but i would like to be wearing a new w&g thsirt which promotes the film ;)

DancingShauny99 Posted: Aug 29th 2008

Thats cool!Lol I will proably wear a skirt or dress for the film!

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 30th 2008

i wont miss the film for anything

Michael2008 Posted: Aug 31st 2008

im so excited and i c wt u meen jordan! jks

Harry Posted: Aug 31st 2008

Jordan, did you find this when you were looking for some new clothes! Muhahaha..

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