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toastnjam Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

Hi there just posting a photo or two we're all big fans on W&G and my 9 year old daughter loves modelling with Plastercine. Here's a photo of some veg she did with a little bone for gromit. Photo isn't very clear so will take clearer ones but for now here you go.

toastnjam Posted: Sep 2nd 2008

Some rabbits with a mushroom my daughter Saffie made and other bits n bobs. Again apologies for the quality of the photo will take them again in daylight lol.
She loves working with plastercine next thing is to start making some fun backgrounds and a nice scene. I'm not very arty so she has to do all the work lol.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 3rd 2008

Great work - tell your daughter well done! If she is ever inspired to create some Wallace & Gromit art work we'd love to see it in our competition:

toastnjam Posted: Sep 5th 2008

Thanks, will do.

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