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plasjas Posted: Nov 13th 2007

do any of you use armatures in your models if so what do you use?

The Quans Posted: Nov 13th 2007

I like armaverse armatures, but WAY EXPENSIVE!!! wire like floral wire works well. There is a new product with sculpey that's light and slightly flexible.

ANIMATORRUA07 Posted: Nov 13th 2007

Plasjas i heard the best thing to use is aluminium wire but i tinks its expensive

cavor Posted: Nov 14th 2007

The Quans I have tried floral wire but found it to have too much memory(wanting to spring back).

Also I have used copper wire the house wire electrics type, this has less memory than steel wire or floral, but more than Aluminium.

I'm experimenting with ball & socket armatures but it can be very time consuming if you build your own.
Here is a picture of my atempt( still need to finish the feet properly).

PS you can get Aluminium wire from here ;)

The Quans Posted: Nov 14th 2007

That's similar to Armaverse armatures, where did you come by them and how much are they? I've been trying to locate an inexpensive route for ball and socket. I just use what's on hand right now (can't beat free) I used to work at a wholesale floral co.

cavor Posted: Nov 14th 2007

I used the joints from several sets of helping hands( see picture) a length of small bar cut to the right sizes, drilled and tapped the ends + loads of spare time.
The helping hands only cost £2(sterling) from a warehose store.

lukedennison Posted: Nov 15th 2007

We can get aluminium wire from our art department for free cant we plasjas!

plasjas Posted: Nov 17th 2007

thanks for the info guys p.s i think your ball and socket armature is really good|-)

plasjas Posted: Nov 17th 2007


cavor Posted: Jan 9th 2008

Here is an interesting link, its a drawing with full details of an Aardmans training puppet like the one in there book 'cracking animation' (the weight lifting guy)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

This is cool!:D

Janique1 Posted: Apr 9th 2008

nice 1

Nofby Posted: Apr 10th 2008

Look at my armature tutorial in this forum.

wallacewert Posted: May 16th 2009

nam man06 Posted: May 17th 2009

i just use plain wire armatures

wallacewert Posted: Nov 2nd 2009

i like cheese

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 2nd 2009

That's Great...;)

shaun the lamb Posted: Nov 2nd 2009

Wallacewert there is no need to spam a perfectly good thread.
Now back on topic, I just use garden ties.
They are cheap and plenty and they get the job done.

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 3rd 2009

Armatures? Cheap. On My Dead Body. You Can Never Get A Decent Armature For Under £50 Quid.

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 11th 2011

Personaly i would like a good ball and socket armature but im broke.
Even if I wasn't, there still a rip off.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 24th 2012

u could just make a simple one out of normal wire

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 25th 2012

Please, DO NOT bump up old threads. The question was already answered, years ago.

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