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jills Posted: Sep 6th 2008

In Curse of the Were-Rabbit, when Wallace is driving the van with the lady were-rabbit puppet on top with Gromit at the controls, and he's about to drive into the tunnel which isn't tall enough for it- Gromit waves his hands around and motions him to stop, and because he's connected up by strings the were-rabbit makes the same movements as it's about to crash :D

jills Posted: Sep 6th 2008

Oops there are some great ones here already:

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 15th 2008

i like that one :)

SavedbyBishop Posted: Nov 2nd 2008

Hutch speaking like Wallace the best line is
Hutch: Aww The bouncers gone from his bungee.

gromitcool Posted: Nov 4th 2008

i likethe part in the 1993 film the wrong trousers when gromit is watching feathers mcgraw through eye holes in a box

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 18th 2008

I like it when Wallace is talking to Lady Tottington about coming to tottingham hall and Wallace press the wrong buuton and says"we'll be there in an AAAARGH" and she thinks he says in an hour(but really poshly so it sounds like r)god that made me laugh lol

RandomPerson Posted: Nov 22nd 2008

It's really hard to pick just one! Nice one you posted though, crackin cheese. ;)
One of my favorites would have to be in Curse of the Were-Rabbit when Victor kneels down and he says "No nonsense with Victor Quartermaine, what you see is what you get!" Then his hair gets sucked down the rabbit hole and he makes that funny smile back at Lady Tottington.
I also like it when he takes the rabbit out of the Bun-Vac instead of his hair and puts it on and while he's walking off, it waves! :D So cute!

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 23rd 2008

Thanks RandomPerson I like those ones too

cherry66 Posted: Nov 24th 2008

i love it when hutch says " charming im wallace as he answers the door and when he falls out the coat and says goodnight gromit and goes upstairs

cool chris Posted: Dec 1st 2008

mine is mc fla in a mater of loaf and death

wallace and gromit fan no1 Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

i dont know which is my most favorite moment because there all so good.

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