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concon Posted: Nov 17th 2007

does anyone want pictures from paint to be allowed on the comp board.can someone get katie to replie


conty Posted: Nov 17th 2007

why not if its wallace and gromit related, though my pink panther isnt, i just put it on for fun, but it wont win the competition:D

Modelmaker93 Posted: Nov 20th 2007

i think it might

plasjas Posted: Nov 20th 2007

it is the wallace and gromit site so maybe that is the reason but it would be good if they did p.s i loved your pink panther and i want your model to win

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 21st 2007

hi concon, you can enter pictures from paint into the competition - you just need to make sure you save your picture as a jpeg or gif rather than a bmp.

connor-james-gorman Posted: Nov 25th 2007

Yes I Normally Work On Paint

concon Posted: Nov 25th 2007

thanks katie

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