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jamesy Posted: Nov 18th 2007

do u like all the cheeses walllace likes

Harry Posted: Nov 18th 2007

Well I Havent Tried Every Cheese In The World!

concon Posted: Nov 18th 2007

i love them all

springwizard Posted: Nov 21st 2007

I haven't tried every cheese in the world,eighther,but I heard that Wensleydale's awesome! Of course,you know,I live in the USA. Where Wensleydale Cheese is scarce as chicken teeth. So I wouldn't know what It tasted like anyway.

plasjas Posted: Nov 24th 2007

i like the taste of wensleydale

GROMIT ROX Posted: Nov 25th 2007

I didn't know is was even real!!!! until now, but I tend to like most cheese

connor-james-gorman Posted: Nov 26th 2007

I Like The Taste Of Wenslydale

gromitrules Posted: Dec 9th 2007

i love to eat that band of cheese

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 10th 2007


goatmaster99 Posted: Jan 10th 2008

i tryed all i love edam i can name a cheeses

and mark have u put a replie on every thing

purple and brown Posted: Jan 17th 2008

i love cheese i love cheese lol

purple and brown Posted: Jan 17th 2008

does any body no if theres any aardman events coming to bristol?

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 17th 2008

I don't know Goatmaster99. Anything recent. Aardman events! Wahoo! I hope it comes to Scotland.:D

spain Posted: Jan 18th 2008


terminator987 Posted: Jan 18th 2008

yeah are you scottish mark i am bosnian...:D

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

Yes, I am Scottish, terminator. Sorry, I shouldn't really say that.

Fish Posted: Jan 19th 2008

I like wensleydale a lot!

squigly Posted: Jan 19th 2008

Mark, I think it's ok to say you live in Scotland. I think they don't want you giving away details like your home address or e-mail address, where you go to school...that kind of personal prevent some bad person from tracking you down. I'm sure there are tons of Marks in Scotland. So it's okay.8)

squigly Posted: Jan 19th 2008

Fish, did you see in the Cheese Song thread? I found out last night that Wensleydale Cheese is sold in a local supermarket! I'm chuffed to mintballs that I'll be able to try it. Will report back after I pick some up this weekend.

Chuffed to mintballs!!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 20th 2008

Thanks, Squigly.;)

cool chris Posted: Mar 25th 2008

i like wendelydale

claymo Posted: Mar 25th 2008

ive never tasted it y'no but it sounds nice

Zebrafish Posted: Mar 28th 2008

I love & but i really hate cheese, actually i once had a dream about a cheese chasing me, and i woke up crying! Im sorry Wallace, i guess i could never be your friend.:'( (But thats alright, since your not real) ;)

kieran Posted: Mar 28th 2008

i don't like wensledale cheese much but i like

cheddar and red leicester

cracking cheese groimt

Janique1 Posted: Mar 29th 2008

hi, i love all the cheeses and i also love cheddar, and scottish cheese

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 29th 2008

I do!;) Janique1, are you Scottish?!:D

black Posted: May 5th 2008


woodcot Posted: May 5th 2008

Hi All,
Just a word or three about wendleydale cheese.It is a whiteish crumbly cheese,which crumbles into hundreds of pieces when cut.It is similar to Cheshire or Caerphilly these cheeses are made locally to these places,but are also made by the big cheese makers for general use and can be found in all good supermarkets.I must admit I was eating wendlseydale before Grommit was even a puppy.
I love this website and have added several more items to my collection this week from ebay.I will post a picture sometime soon.

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