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Tempermental Posted: Sep 23rd 2008

Upload a photo for the creation of the month contest,will my Barbie Digital camera work? It's a 12 year old model.

plasjas Posted: Sep 24th 2008

does it connect to a computer

Tempermental Posted: Sep 24th 2008

Well,yeah,It even has its own instalation CD Rom.

plasjas Posted: Sep 24th 2008

i don't know then i'm not really into barbie

Tempermental Posted: Sep 25th 2008

Well,somebody else has to post on this board. Get someone to come here for crying out loud and see if the can help me.

plasjas Posted: Sep 26th 2008

ok i'll see what i can do

jills Posted: Sep 26th 2008

I think that first you have to install the CD-ROM, then connect your camera to your computer with a lead, then upload/transfer the pics you took to the hard drive of your computer, then on the Creations Upload page, click on 'Browse' and it will help you search your computer's hard drive for the picture file that you uploaded. You can use any digital camera to upload so long as you can get the picture onto your computer. Older cameras tend to have poor pixillation quality (somewhat blurry images), but you should try it out to see. Does that make sense and is that helpful?

plasjas Posted: Sep 26th 2008

that is good advice jills

Tempermental Posted: Sep 26th 2008

Okay,but how do you get them on the hard Drive? I think you can only put them on the CD. Rom itself.

plasjas Posted: Sep 27th 2008

you know when you have connected your camera what comes up on the screen

jills Posted: Sep 28th 2008

Hmm that sounds odd, I don't think you will be putting the pictures on the CD-ROM. As plasjas said, when you connect the camera to the computer (after you've installed the camera's software) then a screen will show up (every time you connect) and display icons of the pics you've taken. To get the pictures to your hard drive, you should be able to drag and drop them or copy and paste the ones you want to a place on the computer, such as the Desktop or a Pictures folder in your Documents. Try to get that far and tell us how it goes.

plasjas Posted: Sep 29th 2008

yeah with my computer you just import it

Tempermental Posted: Oct 2nd 2008

(groans) Here's a picture of what the camera that I own (roughly) looks like. If any of you recognize it,Let me know.

jills Posted: Oct 6th 2008

Ha, cool pic. If none of the instructions above are making sense, then it will be best to get an adult to look at the camera and set it up for you.

duckclay Posted: Oct 6th 2008


Tempermental Posted: Oct 6th 2008

Look,I know how to set it up,OKAY!!!????? I just need to know if that particular camera can be used to send pictures to the "Creation of the month" competion. I was wondering if any of you are famillar with,or even happen to this particular late ninetees model of the Barbie photo designer camera so that maybe you could help me figure out weather or not I can use this camera to send my creations.

jills Posted: Oct 6th 2008

If *any* camera is digital and you know how to set it up to use with your computer via the CDROM, then of course you can use it for the creations competition. It doesn't matter at all what model of old camera you have as long as it's digital. There's no need to find someone here who has your same camera, which is very unlikely anyway.

Regarding "Look...OKAY!!!????" I was just trying to be helpful, please don't be ungracious.

plasjas Posted: Oct 6th 2008

just go to creation of the month then click UPLOAD then as if by magic it is on

Tempermental Posted: Oct 9th 2008

(groans) I'll take your word for it.

jills Posted: Oct 10th 2008

Don't despair, it's as easy as plasjas says, let us know how it works out... looking forward to seeing your Creation.

Tempermental Posted: Oct 14th 2008

A teeeny problem guys I did what jills sugested and it wouldn't go. Maybee the battiers are weak.

jills Posted: Oct 16th 2008

Darn...hope it works after you get new batteries.

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