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Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 31st 2007

My favourite charecter is Gromit and my favourite moment
is when phillip pulls out his flower purse

jordan Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

yeh funny

Jenny Posted: Sep 9th 2007

I use to have a purse like that when i was little :D

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 16th 2007

everyfin wallace does. he is just so stupid

cheeseland Posted: Sep 16th 2007

its got 2 be gromit wen him and Philip are racin in da planes
(classic moment)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 18th 2007

yeah i like that bit too - especially the bit with the Philip's purse that Gromit-Ownz mentioned above

cheeseland Posted: Sep 19th 2007

yes That bit is very legendary

Joruus Posted: Sep 25th 2007

When premises glove :D.

emeraldtrader Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

Feathers McGraw

When he pulls a gun on Gromit. Who knew penguins could pack heat?

funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 24th 2007

I think Hutch is cool. He's my fave just under Timmy the Lamb.

connor gorman Posted: Oct 25th 2007

were victor quartermine lands on the chimney and his pants fall and hes showing his bum and the vicor goes beware of the moon

Harry Posted: Oct 26th 2007

I Have To Say Feathers But Close To Wallace

And My Fav Moment Is Just All Of The Train Chase

Fish Posted: Nov 5th 2007

My favourite bits of Were Rabbit movie are the bunnies waving when they are sucked up into the Bunvac - and at the end of the film when the credits are rolling and the bunnies are floating around waving at us!

hop2it Posted: Nov 6th 2007

my favourite bit is when they are having the train chase and feathers gets stuck in a bottle

mrpianokeys Posted: Dec 15th 2007

i would have to say gromit because hes the brains in theoutfit and goes along with everything wallace does, and my favourite momentis when wallace says good grief its you in a wrong trousers gromit2:

gromitlove Posted: Feb 18th 2008

One of us loves when Gromit, in Close Shave, turns the porridge machine gun on Preston inside the dog-meat factory.

Another of us loves when Gromit, in Close Shave, turns his side-car into a RAF plane which then pulls away as heroic music swells. (The music is also very funny in 525 CrackerVac as the vacuum has a showdown and rodeo with Gromit-- we laugh again and again!)

What is in the water that makes the creators able to do this?|-)

wendoline07 Posted: Feb 25th 2008

I love every single moment tbh
especially the one when feathers has just measured up the museum, and then gromit is hiding in the dog biscuit box :D
then he blinks, and feathers is like..."huh?"
but my favourite character is the cooker. definatley. and then timmy the lamb :D

curt t1 Posted: Feb 25th 2008

my fav charactor has to be cooker and my fav momment? mabye when the cooker goes it still makes me laugh.its classic.

gromit96 Posted: Mar 9th 2008

Mine is gromit because he is a smart dog

arthur Posted: Mar 24th 2008

yeh lol

Gromits Brother Posted: May 16th 2008

GromitBuilding Rocketship in Grand Day Out or Train Chase:-|

black Posted: May 25th 2008

the last monment when hutch said((cheeeeeeeese))
when he was in the air.

Spikedbum Posted: Sep 30th 2009


My favourite Wallace and Gromit moment is in The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit when Gromit and Philip's bi -plane stops and Philip produceds that really soppy purse, then thye start fighting again!

gromit go for him Posted: Aug 25th 2010

wallace when he gets stuck in the hole

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 26th 2010

Fethers When He Pulls Of His Glove And Wallace Says Good Greif Its You!

101Gromit Posted: Sep 28th 2010

I like a lot of the moments:The train chase,The Bi-Plane bit,I also like the whole part with
the bomb that follows wallace!
But I dont like Preston he is mean!

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