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Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 31st 2007

for what seems impossible but absoulutley hilarious

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Aug 31st 2007

when in the wrong trousers gromit is about to come of the track and pick up the box that says on it spare track. but inside there is million of pieces of track

anti-pesto Posted: Sep 1st 2007

in a close shave gromit holds onto the eletric wire to spin round 2 the back of prestons van. the bolt which connects them together would have fallen out and wallace would have fallen off his bike.

jordan Posted: Sep 2nd 2007

funny scenes

page123 Posted: Sep 11th 2007

I want to work for aardman when i'm older:D

cheeseland Posted: Sep 19th 2007


crackersaboutcheese Posted: Sep 23rd 2007

RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy the lamb Posted: Oct 1st 2007

When wallace is walking around he makes a lot of noise, but doesn't wake up. But when the siren goes off he wakes up.

Mr Hyde Posted: Oct 4th 2007

nobody would actually believe that feathers actually looked like a chicken but funny:D

connor gorman Posted: Oct 4th 2007


funkycheese7000 Posted: Oct 21st 2007

I love the part in Wrong Trousers when Gromit's hiding in the Meatabix box!

connor gorman Posted: Oct 27th 2007

When Wallace Gets Stuck In The Hole And He Needs Asistance And A Hammer Comes Down And Knock Him Down

mort2001 Posted: Nov 4th 2007

when gromit gives wallace a box(because wallace didn,t have any pants on)in the cerse of the were rabbit.

cavor Posted: Nov 15th 2007

I like bits that dont seem right in the reel world but add more impact in animation eg: In the close shave when Wallace is busting Gromit out from jail, Gromit climbs out of the window on top of all the sheep, the fun starts when wallace who is balancing all the sheep stacked up on his shoulders slips on a bar of soap, next shot the sheep are all high up in the air falling down towards the ground straight down on to Wallace.

Have a look, no matter how many times i have seen any of the W & G films there is always something new to reveal its self.

Sammy the lamb Posted: Nov 17th 2007

In curse of the were-rabbit, when wallace is turning into a were-rabbit in the woods, a pair of blue pants lands in victor's face, when we have already seen that wallace wears spotty boxers in the launch.

Gromit-Ownz Posted: Nov 4th 2009

Tiggs Posted: Nov 22nd 2009

what is your favourtire funny moment in wallace and gromit? mine is when feathers takes off the clove and wallace gos its you lol

1908 Posted: Dec 9th 2009

im not sure:-|

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 30th 2009

In AMOLD When Has A Bomb In His Pants;)

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