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jodyblue1 Posted: Nov 19th 2007




dan123 Posted: Dec 9th 2007

I have to say it could of been better

dan123 Posted: Dec 9th 2007

No not really it was well cool

mrpianokeys Posted: Dec 15th 2007

it let themselves down a bit because the wrong tousers was so simple but a close shave was confusing and squezes it's self into 30 mins.

animationking Posted: Jan 5th 2008

good but i think it was bit rushed

animationking Posted: Jan 11th 2008

How was it confusing

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

Good! And it is confusing for younger ones. But now that I'm older I understand it.;)

wallaceandcheese Posted: Jan 20th 2008

i think it was probaley one of the darkist ones

Fish Posted: Jan 20th 2008

A Close Shave is my favourite film. In it we get to meet ! I love the way slowly figures out Shaun is living in their house and eating their plants, cheese, etc. The sheep breaking Gromit out of prison is one of my favourite scenes.|-)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 26th 2008

Dark, you bet! I loved it when Wallace said in the Wrong Trousers, "Leave him to me, I'll get the bounder!" and got his net stuck in the moose head. Classic!;)

rastophulus Posted: Jan 26th 2008

I'd say;

A Grand Day out: 8/10
The Wrong Trousers: 10/10
A Close Shave: 9/10
Cracking Contraptions: 9/10
Curse of the Were-rabbit 9/10

Can't wait for Trouble at t'Mill!

Dani_Nev_Bo Posted: Feb 4th 2008


purple and brown Posted: Feb 4th 2008

i thought it was brill:D

anti-pesto Posted: Feb 5th 2008

i dont think that "sheep rustling" was a wallace and gromit type genre and wallace was only in his work clothes 4 most of the film and the wallpaper was wrong compared 2 the wrong trousers and curse of the were-rabbit. pink wallpaper!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Hello everyone! I think they're all excellent!;)

Joruus Posted: Feb 9th 2008

I. A Grand Day out & The Wrong Trousers
II. Cracking Contraptions & Curse of the Were-rabbit
III. A Close Shave

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 10th 2008

I like them all!:D

mrpianokeys Posted: Feb 16th 2008

i liked when they hid wallaces mouth behind the newspaper in a close shave. crafty but great:D

Dani_Nev_Bo Posted: Feb 18th 2008

hey mark the shark ur avatar is kwl :D

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 19th 2008


curt t1 Posted: Feb 25th 2008

id say; a grand day out 10/10. the wrong trousers 10/10. a close shave9/10.cracking contraptions 10/10. curse of the were-rabbit8/10.

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Aug 26th 2008

close shave is the best

PoisonIvy Posted: Aug 26th 2008

I like Were-Rabbit and I like Close Shave, also Wrong Trousers and Grand Day Out

plasjas Posted: Sep 26th 2008

Grand Day Out: 10/10 he did practically make it on his own
Wrong Trousers: 10/10
Close Shave: 8/10
COTWR: 9/10

g12345678910 Posted: Sep 26th 2008

a clos shave is bad brt of it dog>:-)

jills Posted: Oct 6th 2008

Well, GOOD! But I agree some of it seemed rushed, like it could have been a feature film but was squeezed into 30 minutes. I like all of the characterization in it, though, and Fish is right that the prison sequence with Gromit is just brilliant- I love it! What I actually disliked most was that even though Wallace breaks him out with sheep-help, he tells Gromit that he'll have to flee the country now or be hunted down like a dog! I know Wallace can be insensitive, but is he really implying that he would just let Gromit leave and that he wouldn't go with?!

crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 26th 2008

i think a close shave is cool but not as good as some of the others!!!;)

Windows Vista Posted: Dec 24th 2008

1.A Close Shave
2.A Grand Day Out
3.The Curse of the Were Rabbit
4.The Wrong Trousers
5.Cracking Contraptions

dachappell Posted: Dec 24th 2008

Grand Day out 8/10
wrong trousers 9.5/10
close shave 8.5/10
cracking contraptions 8/10
COTWR 9/10

pengi502 Posted: Dec 24th 2008

Grand Day Out 6/10
The Wrong Trousers 9/10
Close Shave 9/10
Cracking Contraptions 9/10
Curse Of the Were-Rabbit 8/10 ( I prefer the Shorts)

thetopbun Posted: Dec 25th 2008

Grand Day Out 6/10
The Wrong Trousers 7/10
Close Shave 9/10
The Curse Of the Were-Rabbit 9/10
Cracking Contraptions 8/10
A Matter Of Loaf And Death 9/10

lee-enfeild Posted: Jan 9th 2009

I love it

hutchrocks Posted: Jan 10th 2009

this is what I think:
curse of the were-rabbit=10/10
a close shave=10/10
a matter of loaf and death=8/10
the wrong trousers=9/10
a grand day out=7/10

iantimothy Posted: Jan 10th 2009

i think all of them are 10/10

the mag Posted: Oct 30th 2010

i give it 9/10!

kldceltic Posted: Feb 15th 2011

i give it 100% as is in it and i like and

BlacKiLLusioN2000 Posted: Apr 24th 2011

I like all the films 100%.

w&g biggest fan ever Posted: May 4th 2011

I think it is smashing!
Every Wallace and Gromit film is smashing!
But I have to say when i was younger i was so scared of preston (When he is malfunctioning of course!)

Calls Posted: Jun 5th 2011

I personally think that they are all very good and very creative!

wallace05man Posted: Jun 11th 2011

A Grand Day Out 9/10

The Wrong Trousers 10/10

A Close Shave 10/10

Cracking Contraptions 10/10

The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit 10/10

A Matter Of Loaf & Death 10/10

World Of Invention 8/10

iantimothy Posted: Jun 14th 2011

AGDO - 8/10
tWT - 10/10
ACS - 9/10
COTWR - 10/10
AMOLAD - 6/10

evastar7 Posted: Aug 30th 2011

good :D:-(|)

puppylove Posted: Aug 30th 2011

dosent anyone have something reallyv interesting to say i mean why are you peaple taking so much about close shave lately

Fionah Posted: Nov 16th 2011

I love all the Wallace and Gromit adventures. I don't know how you find a Close shave confusing. I love it:)

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 21st 2012


sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 3rd 2012

I would say that it is just fine. It used to be my favorite because of the lovely. However it does seem just a bit dull. However it is brilliant.

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